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Eagles self-destruct against Cardinals: The Morning After


Morning campers,


No, it is most assuredly not a good morning by any means. Can't be good when the Birds play that bad can it? I think not. Oh sure, it would have been nice for the Eagles to give yours truly a win to wrap up my birthday but noooooo...A certain safety who shall remain nameless and employed, for now, saw fit to ruining that wish. Thank you very much.


Let's get to getting.





Go ahead. I dare you. I double dare you to try and defend the aforementioned nameless safety who saw it just to extinguish my birthday wish of an Eagles W.


Obviously, I am referring to Nate Allen. And as Brian Westbrook alluded to on the Comcast Post Game Show, this is not the first time ol' Nate has done this - "this" being failing to make a play, a very basic play mind you, at the biggest juncture of a given Eagles game.


The mistake he in made in allowing Cardinals’ receiver John Brown to get behind him is inexcusable. Period.


And since this is not his first such infraction (not even close), Mr. Allen needs to be shown the door. Period.


Yes Chip Kelly, I am calling you to make a statement. You as well, Howie Roseman. Make a loud, pronounced statement to the entire team and cut Nate Allen, as Mike Missanelli would say: OUTRIGHT.


Of course, Allen's epic gaffe was not the sole reason the Eagles lost. But nevertheless, it was epic. And again, not his first gaffe rodeo, as it were.


Cut him. Period.


And please spare me the "But Steve, how ‘bout the forced fumble-then recovery he made? Wasn't that a big play?"


Of course it was, numbnuts, but so what? It means nothing after he allowed John Brown (which completely sounds like a name you’d see on a fake ID) to olly olly oxen free right down the middle of the damn field.




I know that's not my most creative work as I try to explain the Eagles’ work in the Red Zone but...


Good Lord almighty are you kidding me? Between horrific turnovers to head-scratching play calling to bad spots by the officials.


That my friends, was the Dead Zone at its best. Or at its worst?





I have to give credit where I think credit is squarely due. And in this case, it goes to my big brother, Michael.


A few days ago, while we were discussing the Birds, he made the following statement that I did not necessarily agree with or buy into at first, but now I’m 1000% in agreement with.


What he said, in paraphrasing, was that Nick Foles will not be the Eagles’ starting QB next year.


After watching yet another Foles performance rife with back foot throws and just horrible decision making mixed with his lead feet, I am also convinced he will not be the starting QB for the Eagles next year.


Unless of course, the Eagles make it to the NFC Championship Game or higher, then he would be back.


But short of that, there is no way you can convince me that behind closed doors, Chip Kelly does not want a different, more mobile QB running his offense.


Snowball's Chance Ad



























DeSean who? It would appear that Jeremy Maclin is alive and quite well, living and playing without the shadow of a certain diva receiver hanging over his head. #18 has had a solid season up until yesterday.  Yes, I know it's just one game, but after yesterday's performance, Maclin solidified his standing as the Eagles' #1 receiver with no real close second.


I truly felt bad for him after Mr. Allen... well you know the rest.



THE BORING TWINSPhoto: Stickyegg.com


Quick someone tell Fox play-by-play man Chris Myers and color analyst Ronde Barber to switch to decaf because they are clearly way too excitable.


Man, were they electric or what?


Yeah I'll go with "or what" for a hundred, Alex.


Good night nurse. Is there a more droll pairing in any sport in the entire free world than these two?


And the insight they provided…..whew.


At one point, Ronde enlightened the audience with the fact that the game was probably different because of the Eagles’ two red zone turnovers.


Wow. Love his use of the word "probably" too. Way to go out on a limb there, RB.





I’ll tell you, if I’m a member of the Eagles’ D and I am a lineman, linebacker, or my name is Jenkins, I am pissed right now.


How could you not be?


You play your heart out again, only to see the lines of Williams, Fletcher, Boykin and Allen essentially shove it up your “you know what” by playing just putrid football.





*I know Bruce Arians has Philly ties, but I pretty much can't stand the man; big time whiner.


*Why was Brandon Boykin not returning punts?


*Yes, that was a pick play run to perfection by the Cards on the long Larry Fitzgerald catch and run for a TD; the same pick play the Eagles got flagged for earlier in the game.


*And speaking of flags, I am pretty sure this officiating crew was compensated based on the amount of flags thrown per capita. Have you ever seen more penalty flags thrown in one game? I know it was not a record, but it sure seemed like it.


*DeMeco Ryans is very quietly having an exceptional season.


*How bad is first round pick Marcus Smith that he cannot play ahead of Casey Matthews?



As always, time’s yours, food’s mine.

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