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Eagles dodge Rams - The Morning After


Good morning Birds fans,


Steve-O is indisposed for the moment, but he'll join us shortly. For those of you unaware, he’s kind of a big deal. Steve-O attended yesterday’s Eagles game and sat in one of the press boxes- courtesy of Forbes, where he currently contributes. Steve-O has been with us from the start, and to see one of our guys continue to make good and further his career in a city that is often rather difficult to advance only makes us look better.TMA


Speaking of looking better, that really can’t be said the Eagles’ offense yesterday. Granted, they played the hapless St. Louis Rams and even one offensive touchdown would have been an improvement over the team’s debacle last week against the 49ers, but the offense is still not getting it done consistently. The losses of Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce have really hurt this team. The running game is a mess, LeSean McCoy has not been able to get into a groove all year, and neither has Nick Foles, whose decision making on Sunday left most of the Delaare Valley scratching their collective heads. Foles’ numbers against the Rams seemed even less impressive than the final stat sheet indicated. As a team, the Eagles have six lost fumbles, which leads the NFL. Even Darnell Jefferson from The Program is shaking his head over this!


Then there’s the defense, which looks like it’s improving, but they still lack a strong pass rush. Rams’ third-string quarterback Austin Davis threw for 375 yards against the Birds in just his fourth career start. If you think that’s bad, what will experienced quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Eli Manning, and Tony Romo do against the Birds if things don’t improve? And yes, I said Tony Romo, whose Cowboys are actually looking better than the Eagles right now in the NFC East.


As far as the secondary goes, why is Bradley Fletcher and/or Cary Williams still on the field let alone still on this Eagles team? Never in my life did I think I would long for the days of Izel Jenkins. Half the time, it doesn’t even like either of them are anywhere near the action taking place on the field.


In short, teams like the Rams need to be to manhandled if your team wants to be considered a contender instead of a pretender. To be up 34-7 and not be able to finish them is very discouraging. Yes, the Eagles are now 4-1, but why does it not feel like it?

Steve, take it away.


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Thanks Joe. I appreciate the kind words. As you mentioned, I was at the game as I am working on a story about the Eagles, their new scoreboards and Panasonic. So be on the lookout for that soon.

As for the game... here's my take from where I sat:

*Pretty much anyone not named Malcolm Jenkins must be jettisoned from the Eagles, secondary as soon as humanly possible. Of course, this cannot be accomplished right now but, as quick as you can please Howie and Chip.

*Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher may be the most inept due of CBs this town has seen in quite some time. They are just flat out bad, kids.


*The front seven on defense and the special teams are carrying this team right now. Simply amazing to say that, after five games following last season's offensive fireworks.


*LeSean McCoy is hurt. He has to be, right? How can Darren Sproles hit the same holes as Shady with such differing results? Yes, #25 is getting older, who isn't? But, there is no way his level of play has declined that much from last year til now.


*Anyone miss Alex Henery? In case you missed ol' Alex missed a potential game winning FG for the Lions yesterday. Look for Alex on a waiver wire near you.


*While it was great to see Lane Johnson back, this is clearly not the same line without Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis. Not even close.


*Saw more than a few predictable plays from Chip Kelly yesterday, and if I can see them, you know damn well the opposing team can, too.


*I took my 10-year old son Josh to the game with me and right before, literally right before Vinny Curry forced a fumble in the first half, Josh said aloud "we need either an interception or fumble right here, Dad."


What can I say, the kid's a another Nostradamus, or at the least Amazing Kreskin.



As always, time’s yours, food’s mine.

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