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Eagles annihilate Panthers: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


If this were a fight, it would have been stopped sometime in the third quarter. It became, as the announcer said, a non-competitive game. I would have also added that it became embarrassing for the Carolina Panthers and their fans. Eagles fans of course, thoroughly enjoyed having a game where we didn't have to sit on the edge of our seats for the entire duration.


Let's get to getting...




Is it me, or does the pregame festivities take forever? There seems to be no end to the pregame show on Monday Night Football. There's the State Farm double something or other, as well as some other sections or portions that have a brand sponsor attached


to them. I think what bothers me the most (and perhaps bothers a lot of you) is the fact that the game is supposed to start at a certain time, but it rarely, if ever, starts at the scheduled time. It is becoming more and more annoying, and it’s significantly more annoying when you're waiting for a game to start that has your team in it.




Today is Veterans Day, the day where we honor all those serve and have served our country. My father is one of those we honor today. He, along with every other veteran, should be honored every day in my opinion for they were willing to sacrifice their lives for us. On this day dad and all other veterans we salute you.




Those of us old enough to remember the TV show Bewitched will pick up on the Derwood reference. On the show, the character Endora would consistently refer to the character of Darren as Derwood. No matter what you call him, there is most assuredly a lot of magic in Darren Sproles. It does make you wonder how he ever was allowed to leave both San Diego as well as New Orleans. The impact he has had on the entire Eagles team cannot be overstated. The key from now until the end of the season will be to keep him healthy, which of course is a lot easier said than done.





Ok. Right off the bat, let's get one thing perfectly clear: There is and was a reason Mark Sanchez was a backup quarterback. Obviously, he played a very good game last night (as did the entire team), but we can't lose sight of my first point, as well as the fact that he was playing against a simply atrocious Carolina Panthers team. I do not want to be negative Nelly, but we just need to keep things in perspective here. The offense looked exceptional at times last night, but there’s also times when they didn’t. Next week’s game against the Green Bay Packers will be a much stiffer test for Sanchez and the entire Eagles team.

Snowball's Chance Ad




























Did anyone else hear Jon Gruden commenting on the fact that Eagles’ cornerback Bradley Fletcher is having a good year? Are you kidding me? This is another example of a national broadcaster having no clue what happens in a given city. The problem of course, is people around the country will hear that and actually believe it, they will believe that Bradley Fletcher is having a good year. But of course, we all know the truth, Eagles fans. The moral of the story is, you simply cannot believe what you hear when a national announcer makes a statement like that. Just keep that in mind the next time you're watching a game and an announcer makes a claim about a given player in another city. It may very well be the farthest thing from the truth.




-You may want to head to the nearest supermarket to load up on essentials such as bread, milk and Twinkies, for it is clearly going to snow in the very near future. The reason I say that is because not one, not two, but three members of the Eagles’ secondary had interceptions. At least they did up until the middle of the 4th quarter, which is when I pretty much tuned out.


-Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton was obviously not himself last night. Yes, his offensive line was deplorable, but that does not explain the way he played. He was either hurt, just incredibly ineffective, or both. My thinking is it was not a little of both, but a lot of both. He is just not a very good quarterback right now for a variety of reasons. And by the way, why was he still in the game after the outcome had been clearly decided? Why would you risk your franchise quarterback like that?


-The bottom line in this game is that it’s very hard to tell just how good the Eagles were versus how bad the Panthers were. Yes, the Eagles were very good, but the Panthers were as equally bad.


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