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Eagles thrashed by Packers: The Morning After


Good morning TMA faithful,


I’m going to be filling in this week for Steve O, who is away this week on a top secret mission.



Lucky him.


Sunday’s contest against the Green Bay Packers was supposed to be a measuring stick game for the Eagles. Lately, Aaron Rodgers and his crew have been playing out of their minds- especially at home at (Curly) Lambeau Field, where his team was 4-0, having outscored opponents 115-3 in the first quarter going into Sunday.


As you’re well aware, that record at home is now 5-0, courtesy of the Eagles.


This one wasn’t even close.


In fact, this was one of THE worst games I’ve ever seen the Philadelphia Eagles play.


In the words of Steve O, let’s get to getting………..





Ok. It’s the closest analogy to Dumb and Dumber that I can think of. Nonetheless, every self-respecting Eagles fan knew there was an excellent chance of Rodgers absolutely destroying the Eagles’ secondary on Sunday. And speaking of secondary, what’s the nicest way I can describe the performances of Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher this season? Hmmm. Well, let’s just say they’ve been morbidly below average.


Packers’ wide receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb torched the pair multiple times, respectively, as a bearded Troy Aikman was quick to emphasize. Moments like these seriously inspire the Mercy Rule to be instituted in sports. Cobb, in the words of Joe Buck, ran “right through Cary Williams.”


Well Joe, who HASN’T run through Cary Williams? We watch this nonsense every week. Welcome to our world.


If the Eagles even want to be considered an elite Super Bowl-caliber team (more on that later), the first two moves they need to make this offseason should be severing ties with Fletcher (who is a free agent) and Williams. The third and fourth moves should be signing the best two corners who can fit into Chip Kelly’s system.


And speaking of Kelly’s system, let’s discuss Mark Sanchez and the Birds’ O-line.


Sanchez played ok in the first half, considering he got his bell rung on not one, but two helmet-to-helmet hits where the ref seemed to swallow his whistle (talk about home field advantage). Moreover, Jordan Matthews missed a very catchable ball that could have somewhat changed the Birds’ fortunes.


Overall….my lord. The Packers’ defense manhandled the Birds’ “All-Pro” line, who never picked up Green Bay’s blitzes. Matt Tobin was toasted badly, and Sanchez almost suffered another butt fumble.


The sad part is, you can’t use the “Oh, well the offensive line needs to play together more,” excuse anymore. No way. Most of that unit who didn’t miss a game last year is back from their injuries, and the line looked just fine last week against the lowly Panthers.



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Maybe it’s because of his uncertain future with the Eagles, maybe he’s got turf toe, maybe he’s even lost a step. No matter what anybody says, this is not the same LeSean McCoy from last season. He’s incredibly inconsistent and he’s running differently. Yes, I know the offensive line has started six different combinations this season, but it doesn’t seem to affect Darren Sproles in the least. Sproles, by far, has been more explosive and more consistent than Shady this season. By the way, is anyone else wondering why it took the end of the first quarter for Sproles to touch the ball?  


Make no mistake, McCoy (at least for the rest of this year) is still your featured back and you have to use Sproles wisely, but I seriously question how much longer Shady will be in the Eagles’ backfield beyond this season.





For all the loyal TMA readers out there, by now you know our good friend and occasional TMA contributor, Matt Grace, recently had some health issues that he was getting taken care of this week.


Well, I’m happy to say that Matt’s procedure went great and he’s on the road to recovery!


Matt, from all of us at TMA, we’re thinking of you and we’ll see you soon!



Jack Bauer photo: rhymetime24.blogspot.com




I have an Android phone, but the more I see their God-awful commercial using Andrew WK’s “Party Hard,” I want to seriously throw it out the window and buy an iPhone.


If you haven’t seen the commercial or heard the song, imagine an enraged Jack Bauer shooting about ten people on an episode of 24, then immediately running into the studio to record vocals for an album. This song sucked 13 years ago, and it still sucks now.


Some things are seriously better left in 2001.


Let’s bring it on home.





-Was it me, or did everyone else in the entire Delaware Valley know that Rodgers would make the Eagles pay after that Trent Cole penalty (the one where the Pack faced a 3rd and 24)?


Maybe it’s the cynical Philly sports fan in me, maybe I’ve seen too many of these games NOT to have that feeling, but I smelled it a mile away. Indeed, Rodgers made them pay dearly. Although the contest was a blowout, that was one of the game’s turning points. You can’t give that to Aaron Rodgers. He will burn you almost every time.


-Speaking of Rodgers, after Sunday’s win against the Birds, he’s now just two wins away from surpassing Brett Favre as the Packers’ all-time winningest quarterback. Pretty impressive, considering how much farther along he’d be if Favre didn’t decide to play another 30 years.





Yes, every year over the course of a 16-game NFL season, a team throws in a real clunker once in a while and a game gets out of hand.


Make no mistake: this wasn’t just a clunker. It was a bad, bad, bad loss. It's kind of fitting that the Eagles lost at a stadium named after a guy named Curly, because they played like a bunch of stooges. There was absolutely nothing good that came out of this. Yes, Green Bay plays great at home, but the Eagles were flat out emasculated by them. I discussed this game being a measuring stick game, and they failed the test miserably. If they had won, or at least made it a close game, the Birds could seriously be put in the company of one of the NFL’s elite teams.


Well kids, I hate to break this to you, but Chip has a long way to go with this team before they are put in that class.


And as far as Sanchez goes, it wasn’t all his fault, but what’s your take on him now?


Either way, the Eagles quarterback of the future is not on this team.

And it doesn't look like the Eagles are going to be making any Super Bowl runs just yet.

In the words of Steve O: “Time’s yours. Food’s Mine." 

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Jack Bauer photo: rhymetime24.blogspot.com