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Eagles bounce back and beat Titans- The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Last Sunday, while you all were watching the Eagles get destroyed by Aaron & Co.,  I was in sunny LA attending a conference. Truth be told, I could have watched the game, for I was at my hotel in time.


Fortunately for me, I have a niece who lives in LA and we got to spend some time together while MQ texted me updates. Of course, after a while, I essentially told MQ to cease and desist all communications. For how many times can one read a text that reads "Bradley Fletcher blows," or words to that effect?


This was not the first time I put aside my love of sports for my niece, Liz. No, last Sunday marked the second time, with the first time being...well, let's just say it was slightly more historical in nature. Read on to see what I mean.

Lets get to getting...




Clearly, Eagles, rookie WR Josh Huff has talent. That has never been in question. What has been in question is his maturity (for one thing) and his ability to hold onto the ball. Obviously he was wise beyond his years in taking the opening kickoff yesterday and going 100+ yards for a touchdown.

Let's see if he can keep this up - here's hoping he does.


TIME WAS NOT OF THE ESSENCEPhoto: invisibleorder.com


Holy elongated games, Batman.


Lord, was that one long-ass game. Between the injuries and the zebras, I don't know what caused more stoppages. Hell, that game ended up taking longer than Gilligan's tour for crying out loud- checking in at over three and and half hours plus.


For a while there, I kept expecting the Professor to come onscreen and diagram some offensive plays using coconuts and shells.




Can we get one thing straight right here, right now? Riley Cooper signed a contract in the offseason that pays him an exorbitant amount of money which he will surely not live up to or earn.


The 1Q interception thrown by Mark Sanchez should have been credited for Mr. Cooper. I cannot recall a more lazy, lackluster, uninterested attempt in recent memory. If you watch the replay, the first mistake he makes is "rounding off his route" vs. "squaring it off" - which basically means he didn't make a hard cut to throw off the defender, but rather lollygagged it.


It is something we teach in Flag Football - so yes, a 10-year old knows how to square off a route, but a severely overpriced NFL WR does not.


The second mistake RC makes is not going after the ball aggressively; not trying to play defender to ensure it is not intercepted.


Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.  






Speaking of Flag Football, I am thrilled to announce that my son Josh, for the second consecutive year, took home the title in the Christ the King Flag Football League. I am so proud of ALL the boys on the team and to have done a very small part as their coach, along with Brian Graham.


They held off a late rally by the opponent, stopping them on downs while nursing a seven-point lead late in the title game.


Here's a pic of the winning team. My son is in the glasses; we're all holding up our bling: AKA our championship rings :)




Ok, I think we've seen enough of Mark Sanchez to know what he is: a very solid, able-bodied backup NFL quarterback. And there is nothing wrong with being that, for we all know you need two quality QBs to win in this league.


But can we stop with the "quarterback of the future" nonsense? I will repeat what I said a few weeks ago when I quoted my older brother Michael: The starting quarterback of your Philadelphia Eagles for the 2014-15 season is not on the current roster.


The mistakes both Sanchez and Nick Foles continuously make tell you all you need to know. Obviously, Chip Kelly will say all the right things THIS year because he has no choice. But make no mistake about it, behind closed doors, he has his eye on someone completely different to captain this ship.





Eagles LB Connor Barwin is having himself perhaps the greatest season of any Eagles linebacker. He sits at (or near) the top in the entire league in sacks; he has knocked down countless passes and has been a disruptive force the whole season - and we're not even done yet.


It's just shame that he (along with the other quality players on defense) is subjected to - and more importantly, dependent on the likes of Bradley Fletcher, Cary Williams, Casey Matthews and Nate Allen.


My fear is the Eagles will waste the best years of someone like Barwin by failing to surround him with players who can, you know, actually play the game.

Snowball's Chance Ad


























As I mentioned earlier, last Sunday's Packers game was not the first time I passed on viewing a sporting event to be with my niece, Liz.


Oh no. Not even close.


Before I get to that, however, let me explain the title of this section. My niece lives in LA (as I mentioned) and she is in the entertainment industry, currently serving as a Production Assistant on The Craig Ferguson Show.


So now you understand the rationale behind the title.


The year was 1992. March of 1992 to be more specific; March 28th to be exact. The place was the Philadelphia Spectrum and the event was a basketball game. The setting was the East Regional Final of that year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.


I held a ticket in my hand to this particular sporting contest, but I decided to forgo it to attend my niece's birthday party in Abington, PA.

Of course, being the sports fanatics we are, my brothers and I watched the game at the party. With each passing second, literally, it became clearer and clearer that this game was going to be one for the books.

In the off chance you have never seen the final 2.1 seconds... this all you need to see as to the reasons behind this game being known as one of the greatest basketball games ever played.

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