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Eagles stuff the Cowboys on Thanksgiving: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and let's face it: No matter how dry your turkey was or how bland the stuffing was, with the way Eagles played yesterday, none of that mattered now did it?


Let's get to getting... bullet point style because the tryptophan is kicking in.



*Great start, again. Not quite the 107 yard kickoff return for TD we saw last week when the Eagles beat the Titans, but a pretty damn good start nonetheless. Getting out to an early lead is paramount for any team, and the Eagles are no different.


*Lord, do the Eagles need new cornerbacks. I know this is not breaking news and please do not make too much out of either Cary Williams' interception or Bradley Fletcher's pass breakups - they stink. Period. A better QB (paging Aaron Rodgers) will eat them alive.


*And speaking of Fletcher, who knew he had so much in common with singer Bonnie Tyler of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ fame. The song contains a two-word directive that Bradley needs to remember at all times: turn around. Now I don't know if Bradley's eyes are bright or not, but Lord almighty, turn the hell around. Please.  


*Did anyone else catch Brad Smith's pathetic route running in the 2Q? Assuming he was in the game only because Jeremy Maclin was winded after a long catch and run, he made what can best be described as a feeble attempt at a pass from Mark Sanchez - a pass that would have resulted in a touchdown if he had caught, mind you. The Eagles ultimately settled for a field goal, establishing a pattern they would continue the entire game.


*Let's hear it for the two respective lines for the Eagles - the offensive and defensive lines. The former has been beset by injuries all season, while the latter has been perhaps the most consistent unit of the entire team the whole season (save for special teams). Each line essentially owned its counterpart through the course of the full game.


*Was it me,or did it seem like the Dallas D got winded very early yesterday? I realize the Eagles offense can have that effect on a defense, but we're generally used to seeing that in the second half, not the 1Q. Perhaps a few minutes on the ol' treadmill is in order for the boys on the Dallas D.


*The Red Zone is very much the Dead Zone for the Eagles. Be it Nick Foles or Sanchez, their inability to score a TD when inside the opponent's 20 is cause for concern to say the least. Sanchez himself addressed this in his post game comments, which was great to hear that he at least acknowledges it. Now, he, Chip and Co. need to do something about it. For as the weather changes, so too will the impetus to score touchdowns on as many Red Zone chances you get.


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*How great was it to see America's Team show signs of dissension? Time and again, we were witness to this player unhappy with that player, including the usually stoic Jason Witten. Then we had ol' Dez Bryant. Have to give him an A for effort in trying to rally the troops. Had no effect, but hey, at least he tried.


*Sanchez had a nice game kids. Some may even say a great game. However, I am not one of them. Sanchez is a very good, solid backup NFL quarterback. Period. I say this because I know there will be loads of people predicting his leading the Eagles to the Promised Land. Stop. Just stop.


*Speaking of the Eagles QB, did you hear the one about Robert Griffin III and the Birds? Rumor has it RGIII may soon find himself being permanently voted out of office in the nation's capital, and in turn may be in search of a new home. I have heard many comments - some in favor of his possibly coming to the Eagles next season, some not in favor. Me? If the price is right, I absolutely, positively take the proverbial flyer on him. Why wouldn't you? And you can bet your Butterball Chip Kelly would, too.


*I know Tony Romo is coming off a serious injury but... he went down like a house of cards yesterday. I counted at least three times we just dropped at the mere thought of his being hit in the backfield. And on at least one of those occasions, he had a clear lane to run for a first down. If I'm a Cowboys fan, I am not too happy with the way he played overall, but in particular, his gun-shy approach.


*Ok so all the ‘LeSean McCoy is shot’ messages and missives can stop now, right? Clearly he has looked like his old self the past 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, that has also meant he has returned to not protecting the pigskin very well as we saw yesterday, fumbling twice, losing one.


*Riley Cooper is a jerk. Period. After his brain dead comments about Jeremy Maclin and his contract a few days ago which he claimed was all a joke (sure, Riley, sure), his jerk-like act was on display again as witnessed by his arguing with Sanchez over where he needed to line up on a given play. This is the second time this has happened, the first one resulting in a turnover and this one causing the Eagles to burn a timeout. Riley, a George Costanza called for you. I took a message. The Jerk Store called and they’re running out of you.


*And finally, I have to get one Troy Aikman shot in. My how happy Troy must have been watching his beloved Boys go down in flames. And on a day where Tony Romo was nothing short of horrible, there was Troy, ever the good, loyal Cowboy defending him. The play in question was a horrific decision and throw by Romo late in the 4Q which resulted in an Eagles interception. My man Troy, instead of ripping Romo as he should have, decided instead to try and sell the viewers on the fact that "Tony was trying to make something happen there, you have to give him credit."


Gotta love it...


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