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Eagles edge Texans, but lose key players: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


My what a difference a week makes, huh? Last week at this time, we were all wallowing in the Eagles’ loss to the Cardinals.


And one week later, here we site back atop the NFC East.



Of course, there was a major price to pay…..


Let's get to getting...





Ok, ok, let the debate begin; the QB controversy commence. Foles or Sanchez?


Clearly, Sanchez is the better QB, right? I mean did you see how efficiently he ran the offense?


Well hold up there, Skippy. Let’s refrain from all of us running out to buy our Mark Sanchez jerseys en masse, shall we.


I am not trying to take anything away from him. Not in the least. He had a fine game. A fine game.


But he did what any good, solid backup NFL quarterback should do. And the operative word is “backup.”


By no means am I thinking that Nick Foles is the answer at QB. Hardly. As I wrote last week (in echoing what my brother Michael has professed), the starting QB for your Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 is not even on the current roster.


What I am saying, however, is that while Sanchez had himself a nice, highlight reel game, if and when Nick Foles is healthy, he is your starting QB.




Of course, the dopes and drones who call the local sports talk stations will have a field day with this one.





Help me out here, please.


Isn’t J.J. Watt one of, if not thee premier defensive lineman in all of football?


In fact, he may be the best defensive player period. In fact, he will most assuredly garner some well-deserved MVP votes.


So why then would the Eagles OL leave this beast of a player unblocked/unchecked on more than one occasion?


Was Lane Johnson that afraid of him that, after the snap of the ball, he essentially looked the other way while #99 wreaked havoc?

I have never seen anything like that.


I know Watt is not of this ilk yet, but it is akin to being on a basketball court and leaving Michael Jordan unguarded.


There are certain things you just don’t do.


You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.


You don’t ask Nate Allen to cover deep.


And you don’t leave J.J. Watt unblocked.




Apollo Creed photo: e-cigarette-forum.com


To paraphrase Apollo Creed, sounds like a title of damn monster movie, doesn’t it?


Of course, for the Eagles, it is not a movie, but an all too real and regular happening.


I do not know the specific statistics, but my guess is, the majority of Eagles’ turnovers this year have occurred either in their own Red Zone or their opponents’ Red Zone.


Either way, the momentum swing has been nothing short of epic.


They say timing is everything in life.


Well if the Eagles want to keep on “living” this NFL season, they better get a damn handle on all the turnovers they are committing on an unsettling regular basis.




In a couple of days, my good friend and off and on TMA contributor Matt Grace will go into the hospital for a procedure to correct something with his heart.


Do me a favor and throw in an extra prayer for big Matt – a bear of a guy with a heart as big as Andy Reid’s waistline.


You got this, Matt. We are all behind you 1000%.


Snowball's Chance Ad




























I hate to segue from one who has a lot of class in Matt Grace, to a group who clearly has none but…


In case you missed it on Saturday, the Maryland Terrapins football team decided to take classless to a whole new level.


The scene: Midfield for the pregame coin toss and handshake between the Terrapins' and Penn State Nittany Lions’ captains.


The handshake is a time-honored tradition, whereby combatants offer each other luck and the like, before they wage battle on the playing field.


Well, it seems the Terps were in no mood to be friendly.


Watch for yourself:


Following the game, the Maryland coach apologized for his players’ behavior, saying that was not who they are and that the players acted on their own.


Sorry coach, ain’t buying it. Your players follow their leader. And if they don’t, then perhaps they need a new leader.





*Right now, the co-offensive MVPs are Jeremy Maclin and Darren Sproles, and there’s not really a closed third.


*The loss of LB DeMeco Ryans cannot be overstated. It is a seismic-type injury that could disrupt the entire defense, for what Ryans brought to the team transcended just what he was able to accomplish as a player. He was, in every sense of the word, the leader of the defense. And you simply do not replace someone like that, least of all with a first round pick who appears headed to the Bust Bowl.


*And yes, I blame the horrific turf at the Texans’ stadium for this devastating injury.


*Did anyone else catch Fox color analyst Moose Johnston’s sheer and utter surprise that Chip Kelly would actually call on his team to slow down on offense?


Did anyone else notice that while Moose was saying this, the clock was ticking down to the two-minute warning for the first half?


In other words, Moose, you dope, Chip was telling his team to slow down to try and force the Texans to take a timeout (otherwise, hit the two-minute warning).


Sure enough, right after the two-minute warning, the Eagles resumed their breakneck offensive pace.


What an idiot.

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Apollo Creed photo: e-cigarette-forum.com