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Eagles humiliated by Cowboys; Romo doesn't choke- The Morning After


Morning campers,


Obviously, it's not a good morning by any means. I will not even attempt to try and lighten the mood, for most of us did not get much sleep. Which is fine following a win, of course.


Following what we witnessed last night, however, it's a completely different story.


Rapid fire for sure, as I am tired while writing this and don't wish to relive this anymore than I need to.


So let's get to getting...


*Right out of the chute with the opening kickoff - really? Is Josh Huff that stupid? Or is Brad Smith? Or are they both collectively just two dumb people playing football? Or at least trying to play it. Regardless of where you lay blame, that is something that simply cannot happen. Of course, as it turned out, it was a foreshadowing of things to come.


*This was not only Andy Reid-like, but it was Rich Kotite-esque in terms of just how truly pathetic the Eagles played last night save for a brief stretch in the 3Q. Their preparedness (or lack thereof) was mind-blowing. On the biggest stage in their biggest game they play like that? Really?


*My man Joe Vallee, the man behind Philly2Philly.com, nailed it as usual in a Facebook post during the game: "We have no quarterback. We have no secondary. Pretty tough to be a Super Bowl contender when you have those deficiencies."


If I were a smart ass, and I am, I would add "Other than that, the Eagles are great."


*Normally, this is the time of year when we would look longingly ahead to when pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater but... yeah not this year. The scary part is the Eagles are our only hope for any kind of winning franchise, and that appears to be nothing but fool's gold.


*Cary Williams & Bradley Fletcher. Do I really need to add anything here? Are you kidding me? You cannot tell me you cannot find someone, anyone who can play cornerback better than they can right now? I find that hard to believe. Why? Because they both stink to high heaven. So anyone, ANYONE would be better. Hell, put a cardboard cutout of Richard Sherman out there - that would be an improvement.


*If anything good can come from this, it's the fact that the Eagles' weaknesses and as Joe referred to them, deficiencies, were exposed to the entire world starting with one Mark Sanchez.


*Gee, do you think just maybe the New York Jets made it to those AFC Title games completely in spite of him? Lord almighty, he is flat out bad. A backup QB at best... at best.


*The Eagles front seven on defense gets a pass in my book. They gave it their all and were totally gassed by the time the game ended. It's not their fault that have such crap playing behind them.

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*Is there a bigger waste of human space than Chris Christie? If so please let me know, for I would like to see it. I would be thoroughly embarrassed if I lived in Jersey and he were my governor. Oh yeah, that has nothing to do with the fact he's a Cowboys fan, which makes him even more of a clown in my book.




*Ah Brent Celek, glad to have you back kid. It was either going to be a key drop or in this case a key fumble that reminded all of us of the REAL Brent Celek. Atta boy Brent, way to live up to all our expectations.


*When did the Dallas Cowboys get a shutdown cornerback ala the Seahawks? Clearly they must have one for why else would Jeremy Maclin be so underused last nite? Same with Jordan Matthews.


*And what about #43? Is Shady McCoy that over sensitive that he is threatened by the success Darren Sproles had earlier in the year, so much so that the Eagles coaches had to "dial it down" a little re: Sproles? That's my theory anyway. What's yours as to why Sproles is no longer utilized the way he was earlier in the year?


*Oh wait, maybe they're saving Sproles for the playoffs. Yeah about that... I got news for you kids, I don't want the Eagles making the playoffs. Why? Simple. If they make the playoffs, they will be under the false impression they don't need to make as many changes they need to - and there are plenty of them, as we have already discussed. No, I do not want them to make the playoffs, and in turn, hopefully get the wake up call they need- and that means the front office and Chip Kelly himself.


*Conversely what the hell is Chip Kelly's infatuation with Riley Cooper? Why can everyone see what Chip apparently cannot? Riley Cooper is barely, barely a #3 receiver in the NFL and is more likely a 4 or 5. Oh yeah, he's a jerk, too. I understand the whole Josh Huff thing cause he went to Oregon, but Cooper? Nah, something stinks there.


*How incredibly bad, stupid or both must first round pick Marcus Smith be? To use a baseball analogy: Sometimes teams swing and miss at first round picks. Danny Watkins anyone? But Marcus Smith is like the Eagles swung at a pitch that was never even thrown. It is that bad, and he apparently is that bad, too. Missing that badly on a first round pick can set teams back for years.

Yes, years.

Ok I'm done... time for bed.

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