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Eagles stunned by Redskins- The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Yes, it is a good morning. For it will be Christmas in a few days and we must try and keep things in perspective- even as another Eagles season will presumably and apparently in end failure.


Let's get to getting, quickly...



Rapid fire all the way, of course.


*Here's the harsh reality kids ... the Eagles are an above average team at best. They simply have too many gaping holes that are being exposed week in, week out. They do not deserve to make the playoffs. PERIOD. Deal with the reality, Eagles fans.


That was a Facebook post of mind following yesterday's debacle, and it really does sum up my feelings at this point. You want to disagree, be my guest.


*Tell me again how many times we have heard that, because he was in some AFC Championships Games, Mark Sanchez  would not be fazed by pressure. Are you kidding me? The more important these games became over the three weeks, the smaller Sanchez played. He was hardly alone in his smallness, but he is the starting QB - a starting QB who was going to be undaunted by all the hype and challenge of playing meaningful football games down the stretch.


Um... yeah about that. I will say this one time and one time only: Sanchez is a good, quality backup NFL QB who, if called upon, can play 1-2, maybe three games tops over the course of a season. If anyone truly believes he is a starting NFL QB, well again, you can disagree and by my guest all you want.


*In another Facebook post I commented on: how this (the Eagles secondary) may be one of the worst secondaries in NFL history. To be true, I do not believe that. Just for the simple reason there have been worse secondaries on teams that were overall pathetically bad. What is different in this case is that the Eagles’ secondary is part of an overall team that is (as previously mentioned) above average at best. The point is, there were surely some truly horrid secondaries on truly horrid teams over the years that no one knew about because the entire team was bad.


But for the Eagles to be 9-6 (and at one time be 9-3) with such an inept group is truly remarkable.


*In Chip we trust? Yeah, about that. Ok. First off, we all know Kelly does not have the right QB for his system. I get that. Fine. But after yesterday's game, I have to admit there are some cracks in the Kelly armor.

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Can someone tell me where Chris Polk was yesterday during short yardage situations? One of which was a 3rd & 1 (which they did not convert) and settled for a field goal, which was ultimately missed by Eagles’ kicker Cody Parkey on the 4th & 1.


So the question begs to be asked: Why would you NOT go for it on 4th & 1, knowing your PK was not 100%?




*I would love to ask Eagles’ defensive coordinator Billy Davis why he did not see fit to put anyone, ANYONE out there in place of Bradley Fletcher? What is the worst that could possibly happen? This guy would get beat for a long catch or TD? What could he possibly have to lose by trotting Nolan Carroll out there for example? I realize I am not as smart as an NFL defensive coordinator, but... help me out a little, huh Bill?


*As I mentioned earlier, Sanchez was hardly the only Eagle to come up small in such a big game -again. And this all comes back to coaching and preparation. That means it comes back to Chip Kelly.


Completely undisciplined, as witnessed by the incredible amount of penalties the Eagles took - especially at some of the most inopportune times (i.e. Williams, Cary - again, for the second week in a row.)


*My brother Michael and I were chatting the other day as to the fact that the Danny Watkins pick and the Marcus Smith selection have set this franchise back years. Think about it. Watkins, who was not a Chip Kelly pick as we know, and Smith, who was, are two first round picks who SHOULD be paying dividends in some way shape or form by now. And in Watkins case, significant dividends by this time.


Instead, the Eagles, and their fans, are left with nothing, NOTHING to show for two first round picks from the past several years. That is absolutely inexcusable.


In closing, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and holiday season.

I will be back next week with what will more than likely be the final TMA of the year.

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