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Eagles grounded by Seahawks- The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Well it would appear we can collectively hold off erecting the Mark Sanchez statue for a little while longer now, doesn't it? More on that in a bit, and my wasn't it nice to see the Bad Boys of the NFL come to town? And the Eagles better watch out, otherwise the Sixers will in fact get more wins than they do if they're not careful. And we simply cannot have that now, can we?


Let's get to getting...






I have a confession to make: I missed the entire first quarter yesterday. I was busy coaching (if you want to call it that) my son and the rest of the Our Lady of Calvary CYO Boys Basketball B Team yesterday. You'll be glad to know we were victorious, our second W in a row, thank you very much.



3 OUT 4 AIN'T BAD...


I should have titled this "3 OUT 4 IS ENOUGH," as in “I saw enough.” More than enough over the course of the three quarters I did see. It was a collective loss all around, save for the defensive line, which played its heart out- and I include Connor Barwin in that group for sure.





Have I told you lately how much I despise Seahawks coach Pete Carroll? Not only is he the most smug individual I have ever seen, he is a cheat, or an alleged cheat, I should say.


In case you've forgotten or simply do not know, back in 2009-2011, Ol Pete was in involved, allegedly, in some “improprieties” while he was head coach at USC. Just Google "Pete Carroll USC violations," and have fun poring over the countless number of columns written about it.





I have to give props to MQ for that title. I was back to his immediate left for the first time in over a month, and after Eagles TE Zach Ertz made his catch and TD run, MQ, knowing my penchant for plays on words, threw out "Love Ertz" as an homage to the 1970s Nazareth song “Love Hurts.”




Of course a little later on in the game, Ertz really did hurt when he let a crucial 3rd down catch go through his hands. The pass was high for sure, but it was one the big TE simply must make in that situation.





Is there a more polar opposite duo on the Eagles than Fletcher Cox and Bradley Fletcher? The former is arguably becoming one of the premier down lineman in all of football, consistently wreaking havoc on opponents' offense. Cox’s numbers (or lack thereof) belie the kind of season he is having, and he is surely deserving a trip to Hawaii.


Meanwhile, the latter is arguably among the worst cornerbacks in the history of the franchise and deserving of a trip to the unemployment line. Yeah, I went there.


Oh yeah, as for the pass interference call on Mr. Fletcher, I think it was the right call. Sorry kids, but it was the right call.





On the other hand, you have the Seahawks’ secondary, with its gaudy stats and holier than thou reputation as being the baddest, boldest secondary around. It is that reputation that clearly was on display yesterday, for there were at least 5-6 penalties that I counted over the final three quarters that were not called on the vaunted Seahawk secondary.


Look, I get that they are very good, have won a Super Bowl and have earned the right to get away with some calls, but... that was a bit extreme, yes? Or am I just whining as an Eagles fan?


Didn't think so...


Snowball's Chance Ad



























Did you hear about Widener Football Head Coach Mike Kelly (no relation) and his disgust with Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly?


Seems Mike was upset that Chip allowed Linfield, Widener's opponent in this weekend's NCAA Division III national quarterfinal, to practice at the NovaCare Complex, which is the Eagles' practice facility.


Chip also stopped by Linfield's practice along Eagles’ quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave, a former Oregon quarterback.


Linfield coach Joseph Smith, who knew Chip when he was at Oregon, was coy as to whether Chip offered any advice or help as they prepared to take on Widener.


Apparently, Widener coach Mike Kelly thinks Chip did indeed help Linfield quite a bit, as witnessed by the 45-7 drubbing his Widener team took at the hands of Linfield as well as what he said after the game on Saturday.


Did I mention the final score was 45-7?


UrbanDictionary.com's definition of the term "sore loser:"


"Someone who can't simply be honorable, by accepting defeat and/or trying again. On the contrary, said individual or group engages in childish pissing and moaning; bitching about how it's not fair and the other side cheated, etc."

Hey Mike Kelly... get the hint?


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