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Eagles survive the Colts – The Morning After


For those of us old enough to remember (and that’s probably pretty much all of us) the year 1993,  you will recall that our Phillies provided us with seemingly one edge-of-your seat moment after another.

While Week 1 did not see the Eagles wait until the last quarter to “kick it in,” it was nerve wracking for sure. And last night, well last night was one for the books. Last night saw many an edge of many a chair get lots of use.

It was the epitome of the rollercoaster. Unlike last week, however, where the ride was down in the first half but up in the second, this one was up and down the entire game. Until the very end of course, and that’s all that pretty much matters.

As long as you’re up at the end.

Let’s get to getting. TMA

And seeing how it’s late and I’m mentally and physically tired, I’m going to go Rapid Fire for the first time this year.

Before I get started however, I have to ask you all say a prayer for MQ. Fans of the TMA know MQ, AKA Mark Quinlan as my trusted Eagles confidant. We have watched upwards of 90% of all Eagles games together over the past 25 years or so.

Today, he is in the hospital for a procedure being done on his heart. By the time you read this, he should be well on his way to recovery and back “in the game” in no time. So please say a prayer for MQ.

As for Matt Grace, who I wrote about last week, his heart procedure has been scheduled for November.

I will keep everyone apprised as to the status of each of these fine gentleman and big time Birds fans.

Ok, here we go… (in no specific order)

*Do the Birds miss DeSean Jackson? I brought this up last week and it bears repeating again. There is no home run threat right now in the Eagles receiving corps. None. No one to stretch the field. Something to keep an eye on.

*Riley Cooper is on his way, yes even after just two games – to being a severely overvalued WR. His dropped TD in the first half is inexcusable.

*And speaking of Cooper, Bradley Cooper that is, if you didn’t know he does the voiceover for the Eagles fan commercial currently airing. John Legend and The Roots also “appear” in it, too. I say “appear” because the creators of the commercial made what I think was a crucial mistake by not having these famous faces appear in the commercial itself. I want to see them in their Eagles uniforms; wearing their Eagles green proudly, etc. Not the entire commercial but give me something. Show me them at some point. Big mistake in my humble opinion.

*Darren Sproles is hard to define, literally. Clearly he and Shady make a formidable 1-2 punch but… I will say this: He is 31 and he too, like Shady, needs a rest now and then. It is a long season, so the likes of Chris Polk will need to step up to spell both of them at some point.

*Speaking of Shady, the whole receipt debacle is just that, a debacle. Compared to some other NFL running backs named Rice and Peterson, LeSean McCoy is man of the year. Sure, he’s eccentric to some degree and perhaps a diva, too. But let’s keep things in context shall we folks?

*Chip Kelly’s play calling was again eerily reminiscent of Andrew Reid of years gone by. I swear every NFL coach outthinks themselves at least a half dozen times each game.

*Second straight game with no TDs for the Eagles in the first half. Troubling? You better believe it.

*The Eagles’ conditioning may very well be what separates them from all other teams and allows them to win games like they did last night. The Colts were gassed on defense with a capital G. They had nothing left in the tank, yet the Eagles looked as fresh as they did in the first quarter.

*Not a good night for the Eagles special teams (the winning FG notwithstanding of course). Poor kick coverage, an earlier missed FG and some bad penalties.

*Gotta give Cody Parkey credit, though. Tough spot for the kid on the road, indoors, loud crowd, and having to kick the game winning FG twice after the Colts called timeout.

*Where is the Eagles’ pass rush? Where has it been for the past X number of years for that matter? Even when they blitz they still cannot get to the QB. This should be a MAJOR concern kids. They simply must find a way to get to the QB, for the simple reason their secondary is not that strong.

*Fletcher Cox and Zach Ertz are two future Pro Bowlers; future as in possibly this year if they keep playing at this level. And in Ertz’s case, if the Eagles keep getting him the ball.

*Jason Kelce and Jason Peters: The best two at their respective positions in the NFL hands down.

Ok, I’m tired, I’m headed to bed.

A win is a win is a win.

Let’s take it and move on.

As always, time’s yours, food’s mine.

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