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Eagles Lose Ugly to 49ers – The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Ok raise your hand if you’re ready to refer to this as “Alarm Gate.” I am referring to the fire alarm that went off in the middle of the night at the Eagles’ team hotel, awaking many Eagles players and thus causing them to lose valuable sleep. I demand an investigation by the Oversight Committee on Questionable Uses of a Fire Alarm Apparatus (or the QUFAA for short).

Surely this had to be the reason the Birds’ offense was so inept and pretty much sleep walked through the entire game, no?

What’s that? The alarm only wakened defensive players? TMA

Hmmm… Ok. There goes that excuse.

Needless to say, there is plenty to talk about. Including two people who absolutely had nothing to do with the game, but who I feel need to be talked about for differing reasons with the same common theme: over exposure.

Ok, let’s get to getting…



Have to start this TMA out by laying the blame – at least a huge chunk of the blame at the feet of Chip Kelly. Between not challenging plays he should have, to accepting penalties he should have declined, to the abysmal and downright Andy Reid-like predictable play calling – this was not one of ol’ Chipper’s better performances.

Did anyone see Darren Sproles in the entire second half other than punt returns? Oh wait, he was in the game on the Eagles’ last drive, when the entire free world knew he was getting the ball on the little swing pass from Foles. Really Chip? That’s the best you got?

And since when is it illegal to put a running back in a position other than running back? You are allowed to line up a RB as a wide receiver, right? In other words, Chippy, you failed – BIG TIME.

By not getting the ball into the hands of LeSean McCoy, your best offensive player, is inexcusable.



Speaking of Mr. McCoy, can someone please remind him that there’s more to being a running back in the National Football League than running or catching? There’s a little thing I like to call B*L*O*C*K*I*N*G.

On at least two occasions McCoy’s inability to pick up a block cost the Eagles as each time his failure caused Nick Foles to have to hurry his throw.

Yes LeSean, we all see that the Eagles’ offensive line is not ready for prime time, especially when it comes to run blocking. But, that does not excuse you from doing your part to help the team win.

Oh, for the record too, unless your Gene Gene, the Dancing Machine (very dated reference) enough already with all the dance moves you’re trying out on opposing defenses. They ain’t asking, so no dancing. Thank you.



Apparently, there was some other guy named MJ a few years back, played some basketball or something?


The Eagles have their own MJ – Malcolm Jenkins, and he has been a Godsend. Along with Sproles (each of whom came courtesy of the Saints in one way or another) they have been the Eagles defensive and offensive MVPs. And quite arguably in Sproles’ case, special teams MVP, too.

Think about where this team would be without them right now.

Scary isn’t it?



Trust me kids, this WILL be Cary Williams’ last year as an Eagle. Mark it down. Not only does he shoot his mouth off, throw both his teammates AND head coach under the bus, he pretty much stinks to high heaven.

His coverage skills are deplorable, and hey did you catch him running away from a tackle at one point in the game?

Yes, running away from the tackle.

Oh wait this just in… Cary Williams is sorry for his horrific play yesterday, just as he was sorry for what he said after last week’s game.

Oh poor, misunderstood Cary.

Don’t go away angry, Cary… just go away.



Want to know what The REAL Life of Riley looks like? It looks like an average at best wide receiver being the recipient of an incredibly fast and dangerous wide receiver taking the opposing coverage away from you. This in turn, allows you to have your best season ever and in turn get a big, fat new contract.

Then, a year later, AKA this year, The Life of Riley looks like that average at best wide receiver not playing to the same average at best level – not without that aforementioned incredibly fast and dangerous wide receiver on the other side.

Are you kidding me?

Please spare me the “the defender tipped the pass, Steve” crap… Riley Cooper SHOULD HAVE caught the TD pass thrown to him in the 4Q to give the Eagles the lead. PERIOD.

An average at best wide receiver makes that catch.



Riley would be wise to observe what his teammate Jeremy Maclin does week in, week out. Number 18 sacrifices everything he has to help his team win. Pay attention, Shady. You could learn something here, too.

Maclin’s catch late in the game was one for the ages and should have, SHOULD HAVE led to the winning TD but of alas Mr. Cooper… well, he’s not very good is he?

Kudos and love to you, Jeremy Maclin. You deserve it.

Snowball's Chance Ad
















Lord almighty, not only is there a Santa Claus, Virginia, but the Philadelphia Eagles do have a pass rush. Will wonders ever cease?

I think the entire front seven, the DL and linebackers grade out very high after yesterday’s game. Tremendous pressure put on the entire game, save for a few here and there. A job very well done.

And if I had to hand out a grade to the defense as a whole, I would say C.

An A for the front seven, and an F for everyone in the secondary not named Jenkins or Boykin.



The two people I referred to in my opening are two extremely different people. One is a professional baseball player, the other a pizza mogul.

And while one is being accused of being over exposed and even over hyped, the other is without question severely over exposed. Derek Jeter photo: www.business2community.com

The professional baseball player is Derek Jeter. Unless you’ve been under a rock or another planet, or under a rock on another planet, you are aware that the great New York Yankees’ superstar is retiring, or in fact has retired from playing baseball after a much celebrated run as the Yankees’ captain and leader for 20 years.

Many around the country and world have been voicing their displeasure about the seemingly endless tributes being paid to #2 in pinstripes.

My opinion? Yes, it got to be a bit much, but it was not of Jeter’s doing. I say that because many of those complaining are laying the blame on Jeter himself, which makes no sense. The media of course, is to blame.

But at the end of the day, the man played shortstop for the most famous team in professional sports in the biggest city in the world on the biggest stage, and he leaves with five World Series titles. Many of which do not occur without him in the first place.

In other words, Derek Jeter earned his tributes.

As for the other person… two words: Papa John’s.

I do not care how much money he spends to advertise during NFL games, he has to go and go now. Lord is he annoying or what?

And does anyone eat his pizzas?

Seriously, I know of NO ONE who does.


As always, time’s yours, food’s mine.

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