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Eagles dominate Saints: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


For only the second time all season, today is in fact a good morning. Probably not a such a good morning for the Mets Ruben Tejada, who in case you missed it over the weekend, was taken out on what many are calling a dirty play by former Phillie Chase Utley.


Was it a dirty play? Well you decide for yourself but in my opinion it was not. Borderline? Absolutely.


But dirty? No.


I will say however, that Chase Utley is a significantly better tackler than Byron Maxwell. But then again, that's not saying much now is it?


Let's get to getting…


 Fletch LivesPhoto: movieking.com

Arguably one of the funniest movies I have ever seen is Fletch, starring Chevy Chase. Like any movie that makes any coin, the studios decided to make a sequel, and they came up with the brilliant name of Fletch Lives.


Well, for as bad as that sequel was, so too was the play of DL Fletcher Cox. Prior to yesterday's game, I was not even sure he was even dressed, let alone playing. In fact, during the early part of the Saints game, I texted my brother Michael asking him if he knows the whereabouts of #91.


Well, as if it was on cue, Fletch came to life. And not only did he show a pulse, he caused more than a rapid heartbeat or two for Drew Brees. By far his strongest game of the season, he (finally) displayed the level of play that many were expecting right from the get-go.



The Life of Riley (Cooper)

Someone has to help me here, please. I get that Riley Cooper is a "nice" receiver, and he can make some plays when given the chance. But why on Earth does Chip Kelly keep dialing up his number (and the retreaded Miles Austin) time and again in key situations?


Are the Eagles that bereft of playmakers at the WR position? Does Chip not trust rookie Nelson Agholor? Is Jordan Matthews looked upon as a possession receiver only?


Someone help me understand because I simply do not get it.


I'll Huff & I'll Puff... Then I'll cut you

Really, Josh Huff? Really? You finally do something positive; something right. You finally make a contribution by scoring a touchdown, and you decide to showboat it as you're going into the end zone? Really?


Gee, I wonder if his former college coach had anything negative to say about that when Josh got back to the sideline? Gimme a break.


Josh, next time you score... that is IF you score again, act like you've been there before. Just hand the ball to the nearest official and get off the damn field.


What a joke.



Spite Ain't Right

You can talk to me until you're blue in the face (and any other body part), but you will never get me to believe that part (if not more) of the reason the Eagles signed DeMarco Murray was to spite Jerry Jones and the Cowboys without one iota of how he would fit into the Eagles’ system.


It should be clear to anyone that Ryan Matthews is a significantly better fit than Murray - who for whatever reason seems to enjoy rolling out his LeSean McCoy impression by dancing sideways vs. just running the damn ball straight ahead.


So kudos, Chip. You spited Jerry & Co. And for that, you have a RB who is A) severely overpaid in contrast to his production and B) more than likely doesn't even want to be here.


Well done.


MVM - Most Valuable Malcolm

Just give the Eagles MVP award to Malcolm Jenkins right now, as Brian Dawkins emphatically says in the Eagles commercial (that’s on its way to being overplayed). Jenkins has been a rock the entire season - making play after play. He’s in line not only for the Eagles MVP, but also a trip to the Pro Bowl if he stays at this pace.


The Front Lines

For the first time all season, both the defensive AND offensive lines came to play in the same game. We've seen the defensive line play at a better clip than its offensive counterparts, but they too have struggled.


But the offensive line has been abysmal essentially the entire season. Yet, I have to give them major props for the way they played yesterday. Yes, they were facing the Aints and their bulbously, balloon headed defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, but still they deserve a lot of credit.


Banged up, bruised and battered - and that's just from the media and fans, the Eagles much-maligned offensive line gets high scores after Sunday's game for sure.


As for the defensive line, the aforementioned Mr. Cox had his own personal resurgence, but he was hardly alone in the stellar play department, with Benny Logan and Cedric Thornton playing a high level, as well.


But has anyone seen Connor Barwin? I keep looking in the opposing team's backfield, since he spent so much time there last season, but so far there's been no sight of him. I'll keep looking.


Rapid Fire

*If you weren't sure before yesterday's game, this collective group of officials across the entire NFL are the worst I, and many others, have ever seen. Remember when Ronald Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers who were striking back in the early 80s? Can't we do something like that here?


*And speaking of those deserving termination letters, are you kidding me again with a missed extra point by the current Eagles kicker? Remember, I am no longer using the name of ANY kicker again, for they don't deserve it. And how about the Saints' punter? What a fine job he did, huh? Again, I will say every kicking position in the NFL should be not on a game by game basis, but on a play by play basis. You miss a kick, a team can sign a new kicker on the spot from someone in the crowd.


*I get it. I get the fact that Sam Bradford hadn't played in two years and all that crap. I get it. But pretty soon, that excuse is not going to play as well as it is now, if you will. The two, count 'em TWO end zone interceptions he threw yesterday were deplorable. Fortunately for him, the Eagles and all of us, the mistakes did not come back to haunt him/them/us. Yes, he is showing improvement week to week and the ongoing bevy of dropped passes is not helping, but Sam Bradford is a starting NFL quarterback, which means he will get the majority of the praise or the blame - whether it's his fault or not. Just comes with the territory.

'Til next time.



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