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Eagles sloppy, still rout Giants: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Going to attack the TMA a little different this week, breaking it down by quarter. Oh yeah, how bout that Star Wars  trailer, huh? Man I can't wait to not go see that this Christmas.


Wait, what?


Yes, it's true: Yours truly is not a big Star Wars fan. I saw the first three - well, the first three theatrical released films that is. As opposed to the prequels, which I guess are theoretically the first three? Don't know and quite frankly, don't care.


And yes, I can hear the Star Wars fanatics going nuts reading that someone is actually not into the Force and all that stuff but...here I am.



Ok let's get to getting.



First Quarter

*The opening drive for the Giants looked ominous, to say the least, as the Eagles D was barely even noticeable as the G-Men marched down the field for an opening TD. Sure looked like it would be a long night for the Eagles D.


*On the ensuing kickoff, Riley Cooper stepped in front of Josh Huff to return the kick. Why?


*Once again, another opening three and out series for the Eagles. They then got their first first down via penalty - not the first time this has happened this season.


*Fantastic, momentum-changing interception by DeMeco Ryans. Guy's clearly on downside of his career, but is playing at a high level.


*Quarter ends with Jason Kelce committing a costly holding penalty. It would not be his only miscue of the half.


Second Quarter

*Was good to see the old Eli Manning on the Nolan Carroll Pick 6 INT. Yes, the Giants receiver fell down, but there was plenty of time for Manning to adjust and look elsewhere. But good ol' Eli chucked it anyway. Good to have you back, Eli.


*The Eagles D, following a strong end to the 1Q, really stepped up their game, with Bennie Logan and Vinny Curry each wreaking havoc


*And even Brandon Graham got in the action, making a few nice plays of his own.


*And most importantly, the pass rush was back in a big way. And most significantly, the rush was being generated by only the front four.


*This just in: Byron Maxwell is severely overrated and overpaid. Yes, you have heard this before and will again.


*Kelce is clearly not right. The horrific snap, his second miscue of the night, was inexcusable, and the Eagles were lucky it did not lead to a turnover.


*The final drive of the half, while resulting in three points, should have ended in a TD. Sam Bradford took a sack instead of throwing the ball away, thus preserving field position and time on the clock.


Snowball's Chance Ad





















Third Quarter

*Quarter starts on a less than stellar note, with Jordan Matthews forgoing a first down by running east and west (instead of north and south). He compounds the problem by fumbling.


*The Eagles offensive pace is clearly affecting the Giants D; lots of Giants with their hands on the hips, trying to catch their breath.


*Meanwhile, the Eagles D continues to wreak havoc all over the field.


*DeMarco Murray looks the best he has all year, which isn't saying much, of course. And Lord, did he and the Eagles get lucky when his fumble was not recovered by the Giants (as they would have had great field position).


*Random observation: This is one ugly, sloppy game on both sides.


*Riley Cooper's inexplicable cutting off a route (thus causing an interception) is an example of how ugly and sloppy the game is.



Fourth Quarter

*Fletcher Cox is a man possessed. He is finally playing at the Pro Bowl level we all thought he would play at all season.


*But he is not alone on the defensive line, as Graham is playing his best game of the year by far.


*How in the world was Manning only sacked four times coming into this game? Yes, the Eagles DL is playing incredibly well, but still...


*This was a classic Eagles beat down of the Giants. Much like last year, when the Eagles blanked the Giants 27-0.


*Did you catch the Bradley Cooper sighting? Let's see: Jerry Jones has Chris Christie sitting next to him in his box, and Jeffrey Lurie has Bradley Cooper. Sounds pretty even, right?


The bottom line...this was a good division win. A much needed division win. The defense played a masterful game following a very shaky start. Offensively, however, there are lots of things to work on. The Eagles were helped numerous times but stupid penalties by the Giants D. They obviously cannot count on such generosity week in, week out.


'Til next time.


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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