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Eagles drop passes, lose to Panthers: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


The only reason this is a good morning is because it's yours truly birthday. Today, I hit the big 5-0. Or another way of looking at it is 50 years with an NFL Championship. And no, in case you were curious, turning 50 doesn't bother me in one iota. It's just a number, and I surely don't feel 50 Whatever that even means.


Let's get to getting...



You know the drill by now. An Eagles loss (especially a late night loss) means the big man goes all rapid fire.


*An eerily similar start to this game: the Panthers marching down the field (and rather quickly, too) to take an early 7-0 lead. Just as the Giants did a week ago.


*And hey, how great was it to see the Eagles NOT go 3 & out on their opening drive. I was all ready to get out the hats, balloons and noisemakers to celebrate.


*I do not know what kind of gloves they wear. I do not know if they have an aversion to pigskin. What I do know is this collective group of Eagles receivers (and that includes the RBs too, i.e. Mr. Sproles and tight ends) may have the worst collection of hands I have ever seen. I mean are you kidding me? It seems as if no one is immune from the dropsies on this team. It is mind blowing how many dropped passes (AKA: missed opportunities) they have had over the first seven games. Someone get Jason Avant - who may have had the best hands in the history of the franchise, on the phone stat, and have him teach the whole lot of them how to catch the freaking ball! Special shoutout to Jordan Matthews, who is personally creating his own highlight reel of one spectacular drop after another.


*It is a massive understatement saying the loss of Jason Peters is significant. As I am writing this, I do not know the severity of his injury. But then again, based on the my previous point, does it really matter?


*I will give Jason Kelce credit, he is consistent. Seemingly every single, solitary damned game he commits at least one boneheaded, ill-timed, momentum-busting penalty. And yesterday, he did not disappoint, committing a costly holding penalty which negated a first down. Stop me if you've heard that before. I do not know what's wrong with Kelce or if his skills are eroding as he gets older, but he is clearly not the same player.


*So the Eagles kicker (remember, I will never use the name of another kicker again - EVER) boots a 52-yarder. Great! Ah, but the elation is short lived. For he shows, once again, why kickers are the bane of the NFL by proceeding to send the ensuing kickoff out of bounds- thus giving the Panthers the ball at their own 40, which ultimately led to a TD. Tell me again why you can't just cut a kicker in the middle of a game.


*You know when the sun comes up every morning you kind of expect it, right? Well then tell me why the immortal Ted Ginn, Jr. was able to run the same offing slant route over and over and over again, yet neither CB Nolan Carroll nor Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis could do anything to stop it? Good night Irene. Lord, I counted at least four times they ran the same damn route and completed each and every one of them. Billy, here's an idea: Have Nolan to play tight coverage and give him safety help over the top, so if there is a fake, he has help. But... if they run the same damn route he can maybe, I don't know... pick the damn ball off!


*As great as the Eagles D line looked the past few weeks, they looked overmatched last night. I can't recall hearing Fletcher Cox's or Connor Barwin's name, save for a few times here and there all night. Of course we heard Benny Logan's name, at least twice ... as in a row as on successive plays he was called for encroachment. Atta guy, Ben.

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*Massive understatement #2:  Chip Kelly has left this team completely bereft of any offensive weapons at wide receiver. I know Nelson Agholor did not play but he is a rookie so you cannot expect much from him. When you have to go to Miles Austin on the biggest play of the night, you have issues. Miles, who had a solid game until that point, proceeded to engrave his name on the “Drop Trophy,” joining the aforementioned Mssrs. Matthews and Sproles as well as Mr. Ertz, who dropped a key pass late in the game, too.


But the bottom line is there is no one an opposing defense fears at wide receiver. It is almost laughable the "talent" the Birds run out week in, week out at WR.


And the overall bottom line is that while last week was a win over the Giants, it was hardly something to be proud of. For it exposed many holes in the Eagles offense; holes that were on display the majority of last night.


'Til next time


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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