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Eagles smoked by Winston, Bucs: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Yes, it is indeed a good morning, because with yesterday's "game" - and yes, the quotes around that word are appropriate (for it was barely a game), we moved one step closer to proclaiming aloud "Ding Dong, the Chip is dead."


Not dead in the biblical sense, of course, but dead as in he's outta here like Vladimir; as in he's leaving on a midnight train to who-the-hell-cares just away from here; as in don't let the door hit you in the buttocks on the way out, as Forrest Gump might say.


Before I go on, I have give major props to Joe Vallee for stepping in for me last week as I was in route to London. I had a great time in London; my first trek "across the pond." I saw all the obligatory tourist-y spots. Check out the pic below of this big house where I snapped a selfie.


I think some Queen or someone lives there, or does royal-type stuff there or something. All I know is when I was there, I saw lots of security with machine guns.


Mr. Vallee went above and beyond the call of duty in describing the disaster that was the Dolphins game. Steve O in London


However, if last week was a disaster, what the hell would you call yesterday?


Let's get to getting and as per my norm when the Eagles lose, it's bullet point style.


*Right now, go to your nearest dictionary and look up the word "inconsistent" - I'll wait. Oh that's right, no one has a physical dictionary anymore. Well if you did have one and looked up that word, you would see an Eagles logo, for no team is an inconsistent as our Birds.


*Of course, you may see the same logo if you also looked up the word "tease," for they are just that (as witnessed by their first TD drive). Moving with alacrity and efficiency, one would have thought this was a precursor of an offensive explosion - an Eagles offensive explosion that is.


*Doesn't Dick Stockton look great for his age? And the man is as sharp as ever. Sure, he referred to Eagles DL Bennie Logan and as a tight end. And yes, he lauded DeMarco Murray for staying inbounds in the 4Q, and sure, he completely blew a first down call, and yes, he kept referring to him as San-chez with the emphasis on the chez instead of merely Sanchez... but dammit, the man is a legend, and I for one will not besmirch the good name of Richard Stockton.


*I could literally list every single player on the Eagles roster as among the guilty from yesterday, but here are the biggest offenders in my book:


*Fletcher Cox- He's shown flashes throughout the season, but sorry Fletch, in this game vs. a rookie QB in the Buccaneers' Jameis Winston, your name should have been pouring out of Dicky's mouth all game long. It wasn't. However, I will give #91 props for stepping up after the game saying he needs to look himself in the mirror after that nightmare. I wonder if every other player will do the same, or if Fletcher Cox is the only one.


*Players such as Byron Maxwell- Now I have no proof mind you (other than my eyes), but to these hazel eyes, #31 quit. Period. He simply stopped playing and caring. And that is as egregious of an offense as there is in all sports. For if you quit, you are lower than low. Watch the tape. You tell me if Byron Maxwell gave it his all.


*Then there's my man Nolan Carroll. Oh Nolly (I just made that up) ... what are we going to do with you? The other teams just keep picking on you and it's just not fair. It's not you fault that you, well... you're just not any good. But week in, week out, they keep singling you out, all because they want to win a silly football game. The nerve of them people.


*Ah but my man EJ Biggers may be the best of them all. EJ, oh EJ... my how good you look trailing a receiver as they catch yet another pass thrown your way. You do with such style and panache.


*Is Zach Ertz the most overrated Eagle of all, though? Think about it. We were told this kid was the next great NFL tight end. Yet here we are, how many years into his tenure, and he is the epitome of inconsistency. Well at least we have Bennie Logan to back him up. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

Snowball's Chance Ad





















*What is MOST troubling to me, however is the fact that many of you are either totally apathetic and ambivalent toward this team, or getting real close to being so. I am part of the former group, as I am officially checked out. I am sick and tired of putting my emotions and heart out there every week for Chip Kelly, only to have him essentially toss them to the curb.


*Moreover, this is, without question, the worst time in my 50 years to be a Philly sports fan. Where do we hang our hats, kids? Which professional team, right now, gives ANY cause for optimism? The answer is none. No professional team in our fair city is worth its weight in cheesesteaks right now, and it is killing me and you as well.


But... I have to give credit where credit is due, for Chip Kelly deserves a great deal of credit. Harry Houdini. David Copperfield. David Blaine. Amateurs compared to Chip Kelly, for Chipper has pulled of the greatest illusion - ever. He has fooled an entire fan base into believing he knew what he was doing. Call it slight of hand. Call it the greatest example of prestidigitation in the history of mankind. Call it whatever the hell you want. Just call it what it is: A farce perpetrated on group of people who were so starved for a winner; so hungry for a parade; so ravenous for a champion, that we all sold our collective souls to pray at the altar of Chip.


In Chip We Trust, right? Remember that? I do. Well guess what? We all got punked boys and girls. Each and every one of us. All of us so wanted to believe that we chose to ignore the warning signs staring us right in the face. Signs such as the fact that Chip's record against winning teams is deplorable. Signs like he all but ignored the offensive line over the past TWO seasons.


We are all Stepford Wives, the lot of us. No one dare question the mighty Chip.


So well done Chip. Well done. You got us all.


'Til next time


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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