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Lions gobble up Eagles: The Morning After


Good morning campers (going to jump right in kids),



Yes, it is indeed a good morning for several reasons. For one, it's a long holiday weekend and it's a time for us to spend with family and friends. And secondly we are (hopefully) one step closer to Chip Kelly being removed as head coach of OUR Philadelphia Eagles.


Yes, I said OUR Philadelphia Eagles because Chip Kelly has taken them away from us, and it's time we took them back. He has, single-handedly mind you, caused an entire fan base to become embarrassed to be Philadelphia Eagles fans.


That is no simple trick I assure you but Chip Kelly has done it.


This is what I posted to my Facebook wall prior to the start of the game.




It was a very straightforward message or edict I would say. The Eagles' players and Chip had one last chance; one last chance to show us they have a heart; they have soul; they have something. Anything.


Well, it is quite clear - crystal clear - that this team and this coach have nothing. Zero. They are empty. They are bereft of any semblance of a heart, soul, blood, sweat or tears. They are done. They have checked out.


Let me go back to my previous "embarrassed" comment. Think about this with me here. This is the Philadelphia Eagles we're talking about. This is us. This is our city. This is our passion. And to think we would EVER be embarrassed to be an Eagles fan is monumental.


Before the game started many in the national media predicted an Eagles win.


Because of talent?


No, not all.


They did so based on emotion; the kind of emotion and fire and fight a team normally displays after being disgraced the week before, in this case by the Bucs. Time and again, I heard pundit after pundit extols the virtue of a team that gets its ass kicked coming out the following week with something to prove.


And then the game began.


By the way, I am not going to touch on any individual player this week. For one reason, I would be writing a very lengthy piece, for I would all but have to call out every single player. Not gonna do it. It is quite clear this was truly a team effort - or complete lack thereof.


Speaking of effort, after the game, Chip was asked if he thought his players played hard; gave it their all, etc. He said he thought they did.


Well of course he said that. What is he supposed to say?


But make no mistake about it kids, the players are done. They have checked out. They have quit on their coach, but more egregiously, they have quit on us. The ones who invest our time; our emotion and of course. our money.


And what do we have to show for our ROI?


We have a team that is devoid of any emotion.


We have a team that is a collective embarrassment to any Eagle player who wore the Kelly green before them.


We have a coach and staff who so far in over their heads it's become laughable.


Oh, laughing too helps I've found. See, I have to laugh for keep myself from going completely bat shit crazy.


But alas ol Chipper and team... you will not have Steve Olenski to toy with any longer, for I am no longer making the investment. I am no longer putting my faith and belief in you.




Because you simply are not worth it. You have to EARN my emotional investment back. You will no longer get it blindly. You do not deserve mine, or ANY Eagles fan blind faith.


And finally, Jeffrey Lurie.


What I will say to you is this: If you have any guts, heart or soul (which I know you don't) - you will fire Chip Kelly over this extended break before the next game. You will tell the players and more importantly you will tell the fans that you will not tolerate a coach AND general manager who simply do not care nor, oh yeah, aren't very good at their jobs, either.


Do the right thing, Jeffrey.



'Til next time


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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