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Eagles beat Cowboys in Overtime: The Morning After


I'm exhausted, so I am getting to getting right out of the chute.

*Nolan Carroll is this year's version of Bradley Fletcher. In other words, he stinks. Took Billy Davis a little longer than I would have liked, but he finally made an adjustment to get him some help.



*Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it was more obvious to me that the officials and the NFL wanted Dallas to win that game? The two pass interference calls on Byron Maxwell were a joke.


*Two weeks to plan for this game, Chip, and this is what you came up with? Are you kidding me?


*Greg Hardy. I keep hearing a lot of comparisons to him and Michael Vick. People are wondering how Michael Vick got a second chance, but Greg Hardy shouldn't? Hello. The difference is Michael Vick went to jail and paid his dues. Greg Hardy got suspended by the NFL for four games.


*Jordan & Jordan. The two Jordans - Matthews and Hicks were the stars of the game, clearly. Yes, the kicker had a nice game, but the second year receiver and rookie LB each made key play after key play, and perhaps most importantly, Matthews had ZERO DROPS.


*The greatest QB/WR duo in the NFL history. No, not Montana and Rice, but Cassell and Beasley. Only the Eagles could make those two stiffs look Canton-esque. Amazing.


*The biggest series, other than the OT of course, was the one right after the Eagles scored to go up 21-14. Yet, the ensuing kickoff was a debacle, and just a few plays later, the Eagles’ D looked like the Keystone Kops, as Dez Bryant came down with the prayer from Montana (er, Cassell).


*Back to Chip- Sorry kids, but Chip Kelly has to go. Yes, the Eagles won. But they won in spite of him. Be honest. Do you really think the Eagles can play a real, quality NFL team straight up?  


*How sweet it was, DeMarco Murray- Obviously coming back to Dallas and leaving a victor is what he envisioned, but he played a major role in the win, especially in the OT setting up the winning TD. This was perhaps the best use of both Murray and Ryan Matthews, too.


*The run defense- Big time worries here, kids. Another week and another gashing of the Eagles’ run D. They miss DeMeco Ryans in a big way.


*Prop to the Eagles OL- Yes, they are much maligned, but in a game they were without Jason Peters, they more than held their own for the most part.

*One final comment- Cris Collinsworth has officially become this generation's Howard Cosell. He took hyperbole to new heights last nite. Good Lord.



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