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Eagles edge Bills, McCoy: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


It is great to be back amongst friends. At least I think we're friends. I hope we’re friends.



After being away for a few weeks - between business trips and youth basketball commitments, I was back in my normal haunt, directly to the left of the greatest financial mind since James Cash Penney - the indomitable MQ.


Before I get to getting, I have to give major props to Joe Vallee, the brains behind Philly2Philly, for filling in for yours truly. To say Joe did an admirable job would be a gross understatement. The man killed it. Period.


So thank you, Joe.


Ok, let's get to getting.



The Real Slim Shady


Have to start off with LeSean McCoy, right? All week, we heard so much nonsense about his unwillingness to shake Chip Kelly's  hand. Pundits and experts the land over all chimed in most notably ESPN'er and former Bird Herm Edwards, who, in discussing Handshake Gate (yes, I am embarrassed for even writing that) said "This ain't professional football, man. It ain't about you,”  referring to McCoy. “It's not about you anymore. The players think it's all about them. It ain't about them. It's about the game of football, man."


I cannot imagine how much will be made or already has been made of the fact that Shady hugged - HUGGED Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie before the game, yet apparently had no time for his former coach. To me, this is, of course, much ado about nothing.


Sure, LeSean McCoy is mad he was traded. But he is hurt by and still seething from the fact that he was outcast to the bastion that is Buffalo. Just how many wings can a guy eat on a Friday or Saturday night, anyway? Translation: Buffalo ain't Philly when it comes to things to do when you're a single, wealthy professional athlete.


I will give Shady one prop as he apparently dissed WIP's Howard Eskin before the game, too. So maybe he's not all bad. One thing is for certain though: He really, I mean REALLY, wanted to beat the Eagles on Sunday. Don’t believe me? I think this video suggests otherwise:



Will That Be Whole or Term Life?


Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Of course you do. Bill Murray's taking of deja vu to a whole new level. But do you also remember Ned Ryerson (AKA Needle Nose Ned), the annoyingly charming insurance salesman Murray happens upon over and over?


Well, for whatever reason, every time I hear the name Ed Reynolds, I think of an insurance agent.


"Hey, I got a great guy, Ed Reynolds. He's with State Farm. My wife and I play bridge every Tuesday with him and his wife Blanche, good people."


I swear to you I can hear my father saying those very words (circa 1975). Well, except for the bridge part. Joe O didn't play no bridge. But the name Ed Reynolds just evokes an image of a guy in a white shirt and tie with glasses and a pocket protector, with the actuarial tables never far from reach. Photo: www.pinterest.com


Of course, Ed Reynolds is not an insurance salesman, at least not THIS version of Ed. No, he is instead a safety for your Philadelphia Eagles. And while he had some downs during the game, he saved the biggest up for the end, picking off a Tyrod Taylor pass late in the game to seal the deal.


Great going, Ed. I'll see you at the next Leopard Lodge Meeting with Howard Cunningham.



Soft Is Soft Plays


Yes, Byron Maxwell played probably his best overall game of the year yesterday. I will give him that. But Lord almighty, is he soft? Time and time again, he runs from a tackle like Donald Trump runs from a comb; like Andy Reid runs from a diet soda.


And yes, he plays a position that does not normally call upon those who play it to be as physical as other players, but the last time I looked, B-Max, this is still football. This is still a highly physical sport played by highly physical men - as in MEN.



The Book of Solomon


Holy Moses, do I love Solomon Wilcots. The CBS analyst is a treasure trove of "What did he just say?" First off was his description of the Eagles player who recovered the botched Bills fumble: Bryan Barman. Um, that would be Braman - as in Bray-man there, Solly, but close enough.


Then came this gem, which immediately got launched into the hyperbolic hall of fame: "No one is better at making 2nd half adjustments that Chip Kelly." Somewhere, Howard Cosell was all smiles.


I would take a duo of Dick Stockton and Solomon Wilcots any day, every day. And I mean that, kids.


Snowball's Chance Ad





















If It Quacks Like A Duck


Kiko Alonso & Josh Huff. They are both former Oregon-Chip-Kelly-Ducks and they both blow. Discuss.


Seriously, are you serious Chippy?


On one hand, you have a linebacker who is consistently out of position. And on the other hand, you have a WR/KR whose Mensa membership will never become a reality (AKA: he's an idiot).


Yet here they sit as integral (or borderline integral) players on your grand plan of Eagle fiefdom.





Rapid Fire


*Was it me, or did the Bills make some strange play calling when they were facing 3rd and short on offense? It seemed as if every time they were in this situation, not only did they not run, they elected to pass - and pass deep, too - with no success that I can recall. Just seemed very odd.


*Not sure how this whole DeMarco Murray saga will play out, but it is clear that as long as Chip is here, his days of being a #1 running back are over - barring injury of course.


*If I hear one more person tell me how nice the weather is, I am going to hurl - on said person. It is two weeks before Christmas, people. It is not supposed to be 70-effin degrees out! You want a 70-degree Christmas? Move to Florida. I hear there's some condos available at Del Boca Vista, Stage 3.


*Amazingly, somehow this team is still in the thick of the playoff hunt. It is unquestionably not a reflection of their prowess but all on the fact that the NFC East is in fact the NFC Least. Please spare me the "But Steve, the Eagles are playing well and they could get on a run into the playoffs..." nonsense.



'Til next time


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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