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Eagles decked by Cards: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


First and absolutely foremost, I want to wish each and everyone of you the safest, warmest most joyous holiday season. Enjoy your time with your friends and family, and may you get all your heart desires under the tree.



Let's get to getting...



Rapid Fire


*Raise your hand if you've seen, or better yet, heard from the following players on the Eagles’ defense: Bennie Logan, Cedric Thornton, Connor Barwin or Mychal Kendricks. No one better have their hand up. The first two have been lapped by Fletcher Cox, while the latter two just, well... have been non-existent pretty much the entire season. There are others such as DeMeco Ryans that I could add to this list, but #59 gets a pass because he is clearly past his prime.


*Then we have Kiko Alonso, who if you didn't know any better, you would think he was a defensive back. For he tackles like one, which means he doesn't tackle. He is as soft of an NFL linebacker I have seen in a long time. I would use a word to describe him that is a synonym for a cat but I will refrain, since it is the holiday season.


*This game was lost during a 4-5 minute stretch, starting with the end of the first half. Faced with 4th and inches deep in the Cards end of the field, Chip Kelly, in in his infinite wisdom calls a play which called on Riley Cooper - yes Riley Cooper- to be the lead blocker. Shockingly, it failed. No points going into halftime, but still only down 17-10. Coming out of the half, the Eagles again had the ball, yet failed to do anything once again. They gave the ball back to the Cardinals who proceeded to take possession and score a TD. And then....well then the floodgates opened. The turnover floodgates, that is, as the Eagles completely imploded.


*Clearly he, nor anyone else would have made that much of a difference, but where in the hell was DeMarco Murray for most of the night? And please spare us Chip the whole "Duce (Staley) decides who plays running back. Don't insult our intelligence - at least not anymore than you already do.


*Gee, was the win against the Patriots a fluke of epic proportions or what?


*Sam Bradford can throw the football, kids. Not necessarily deep, but he is very accurate. Not saying I want him back next year or not, but make no mistake about it, he can throw it on a dime.


*Excuse me while Cris Collinsworth raves about Zach Ertz, but those who watch this team, game in and game out know how incredibly infuriating he can be. Time and again, he fails to make THE catch. The 3rd and 5 catch, for example. Yes, he had a TD last nite, but stop it. I could have made that catch. Yeah, I went there.


*This edition of the Eagles’ offensive line may be among the worst in franchise history. Yeah, I went there, too. Jason Peters is toast; done. Jason Kelce is God awful. The only one who shown any kind of consistency is Lane Johnson. Dennis Kelly? Seriously?


*Great game by Jordan Matthews. He came to play. Lots of emotion the whole game. Big props to that kid for sure.

Snowball's Chance Ad





















*Deja vu all over again, but once again, we will go into another off-season needing secondary help. That's what happens when you sign the biggest bust in NFL secondary history - well at least since Nnamdi Asomugha, that is. Who signed him again? I forget.


*As I'm writing this, Connor Barwin just collected a sack. Way to go, CB. Of course, it would have been nice to get a sack when the outcome of the game was still in doubt, and not when the Eagles are down 20 points in the 4Q. But hey, it will look good on the stat sheet.


*Technically, the Eagles are still in the playoff hunt; very much so, as they remarkably control their own destiny. But even if they somehow do manage to get into the Dance, does anyone really look at this squad as a true playoff team? Does anyone think this team can go far, if in fact, they do make it to the playoffs?


*Just flashed a comparison onscreen between Carson Palmer and Sam Bradford. They  were comparing game stats for each, and while Bradford's numbers looked ok, the one thing that does not show up are the number of weapons Palmer has compared to Bradford. That's the biggest difference between the two. Yes, Carson Palmer is having a great season, but it damn sure helps to have a whole lot of weapons at your disposal, doesn't it? Yes Chip, that is 1000% on you.


*Wait, wait... I just had a Marcus Smith sighting. And incredibly, he missed a tackle. Incredible, for he is normally very sure handed. Oh wait, that's only when he plays Madden. My bad.


*Wait... hold on. Another blowout loss, right? Does that mean next week the REAL Eagles will show up to show what they're made of? Or will it take a second straight blowout loss like last time? Remember, the players were saying how after the Bucs loss, or was it the Lions loss (like it matters) that NOW they're going to show up and play hard?


*Can we just end this entire Chip Kelly Experience once and for all? Please, Jeffrey.


*My, wasn't it nice the NBC took that shot at Philly sports near the end of the game, running through the records of the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers? I mean that was low, that was cheap, that was... absolutely dead on. Sorry kids, but the truth hurts. This is the worst time in history to be a Philly sports fan. Period.



'Til next time


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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