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Redskins topple Eagles; Win NFC East: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


I hope you all are having a wonderful, safe and joyous holiday season.


That is the most important thing, of course, as we all bask in the blow that is yours and mine. Of course, I'm talking about (what else?) the Philadelphia Eagles.


At this time of year, it’s all about being with your family and friends. And I, for one, am not about to let this wretched excuse of a supposed professional football team ruin my holiday spirit.



At this point, nobody...and I mean NOBODY, should act surprised in regards to what transpired at the Linc on Saturday night. I mean, really, did anybody seriously think this team actually had a hope in hell of winning the NFC East after the way they've collectively played this year?


Don't get me wrong, the NFC Eastern Division champion Washington Redskins are also an abysmal atrocity. However, the Birds have shown all year they can make almost any team look like the '79 Steelers when they put their minds to it.


Let's getting to getting...

I am going to keep this short for obvious reasons.


*Last nite I watched the game, not with MQ but with my good friend, Tom Sylvester. He, like most of you, is an incredibly passionate, bleed-green Eagles fan. And he, like most of you, has had it with the man at the top. Tom brought up a very intriguing query. Essentially, he threw out whether we (collectively as Eagles fans) would be willing to trade rosters, straight up, for the following teams. I can tell you both that he and I came back with a resounding “Hell Yes!”














What sayeth you? Would you trade rosters straight up?


*Is there a more apt example of the complete ineptitude of Chip Kelly than one Kiko Alonso? He is a microcosm of everything that is wrong with Chip. He is a former Oregon Duck who quite simply cannot play. Ok, that's one thing, and Alonso is hardly the only one to fall into that category (Josh Huff anyone), but when you add in the fact that he was traded for one of the best running backs in the NFL and the best running back in Eagles history (LeSean McCoy), it blows your mind. Think about this, kids. Think about just how bad Kiko Alonso is - and Dear God, please spare me the "he's hurt" crap - he stinks. Period. Watch the tape from last night's game and you will see a player consistently out of position - horrifically out of position.


Snowball's Chance Ad




















*Make no mistake about it, kids, the following Eagles are not just overrated - they are severely overrated.


*Zach Ertz- His statistics from last night's game look great on paper. But if you watch every play, as most of us do, you will agree with me in that he is massively overrated.


*Jason Peters- He is done. Toast. Hang 'em up, Jay. You had a great career, but you are done.


*Bennie Logan/Cedric Thornton- Each of them got caught up in the early season hype that was based mostly on Fletcher Cox. They read the press clippings and had visions of Pro Bowls dancing in their heads. In reality, neither one is very consistent, and each took a major step back this year.


*Connor Barwin- Some have theorized he is tired from being on the field so much. Really? Stop it. Just stop it. He is overrated. Period.


I am sure I can add a few more, but I’ll stop there.


*Holy Moses, does this team drop a lot of passes- Absolutely mind-boggling as to how many drops, and more importantly, when these drops occur - at the most crucial times of a given game. There is simply no excuse for this. None.


*Man, was I glad the NFL Network kept us updated on the health of Riley Cooper- I was so worried he was not going to be able to come back in after suffering an injury while, yes dropping a pass. Ok. Enough sarcasm. Are you kidding me? How telling is it that the network felt compelled to keep viewers updated on the health of a player who should not even be on the team in the first place? It tells me that this team has zero wide receivers of any note. Zero.


As I am writing this, I am listening to Chip's presser, and sure enough, he trotted out the "we got to do a better job" and "put players in better positions." So you will excuse me while I go hurl. Good Lord. Give me a break, Chip.


Yes, I get it. What do we expect him to say? I get it. But my Lord, enough.


And that's my operative word for ALL of this.




I have had enough.


I have seen enough.


Chip, you had enough opportunity to turn this team around.


You single-handedly (yes, single-handedly, Mr. GM) took a good team and turned into a laughingstock.


And then the lights went out at your press conference. I mean….really? If that’s not an omen for something…...then.....this is too easy. The script writes itself.


Please Jeffrey (or Mr. Lurie if you prefer) I am begging you. Please do the right thing. You know what that is. I know you do.


So I won't even say it.


Just do the right thing.



'Til next time


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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