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Eagles shocked by Falcons: The Morning After


Morning campers,


Welcome back to another year of The Morning After on Philly2Philly.com. I am thrilled to be back with you once again for my seventh season at the helm. I trust your summers all went well and... yeah who gives a crap about any of that after last night, right?


I surely don't.


Let's get to getting...





I have to jump into the deep end right off the bat and lay the blame for this loss at the feet of one man. No, not Cody Parkey, who may want to start looking for change of address labels. No the man responsible for this loss is your coach and mine, Chip Kelly.


Kelly is anointed by pundits across the land as an offensive genius (and he may be that).


However, what he is not is a coach with any guts.


I will get to some of his "other" decisions in a bit, but to me, the play that epitomizes Kelly's lack of guts is his decision to kick a field goal vs. going for it on 4th and 1 late in the 4Q. To compound the decision, he took too long to make it, thereby rushing his field goal kicking unit on the field. And you know how that turned out.


Here's the deal kids: Chip Kelly has done a lot of great things since becoming the Eagles coach. What he has not done, however is win many games against good teams. The Atlanta Falcons may or not may not be a good time - we'll see how the season plays out.


But they were the better team last night, especially in the first half.





As I mentioned, the kick in question was rushed but... the fact remains a professional kicker (NOTE: The Falcons have one) makes that kick 10 times out of 10. Period.


Add in Parkey's preseason penchant for bad kicks and it's time to say sayonara CP. Nice knowin' ya.


But kickers are bad drivers. There's always another one readily available.





Let me see if I get this straight. You pay X millions of dollars for, not one - but TWO big time NFL running backs in the off season and at the end of the first half you have a grand total of 8 yards rushing.


Yet, you throw the ball to the likes of Miles Austin and the Mensa member that is Josh Huff?


Dear Chip: DeMarco Murray. Ryan Matthews. Darren Sproles. Those are your horses. From here on out, please don't wait until the second half to ride them. And leave Josh Huff where he belongs. On the bench. Or better yet, inactive.


Snowball's Chance Ad























Clearly, the Eagles’ secondary (in particular, their cornerbacks) needed an upgrade following last season. I get that. And yes, I also get the fact that Julio Jones is a beast and may be the best receiver in the entire league.


But...Byron, as in Maxwell... help me out here. You claim you are among the best CBs in the game, and then you come out and play like that?


Ok, J squared is a beast (as I said), but Roddy White? Hell, he was playing when I was in grade school for crissakes, Ok. Maybe not that long ago, but he's been around for a while (AKA: he's old and he's slow) and you could not keep up with him.


Mark it down kids: Byron Maxwell has potential bust written all over him.





We caught some glimpses of just how lethal this Eagles offense is in the second half. The pace and their overall physical conditioning can wreak havoc on a defense. The Falcons were PGW in the second half. They were gassed.


But they made a stop when they needed to (the 3rd and 1), precipitating the aforementioned 4th and 1 and missed FG.


We of course, also saw how revoltingly bad they can be in the first half. Out of sync is an understatement. And it was their ineffectiveness - to the tune of six punts  in the first half, which led directly to the hole they had to climb out of.





-Penalties, penalties and some more thrown in for good measure. My God, how many penalties did the Eagles have last night? I don't know the final count, but I do know they had four flags on the drive that ultimately led to their go ahead touchdown. Overall, the zebras seems a little flag happy on both sides.


-Kiko Alonso looks like he can play. He was out of position on the key 3rd and long the Falcons converted via a draw play in the second half, but Alonso’s spectacular end zone interception helped keep the Eagles in the game in the first half.


-Someone buy Malcolm Jenkins some receiver gloves and teach him how to catch. Two dropped INTs, including one that would have given the Eagles significantly better field position had the Falcons not punted. Yes, he made some really nice plays too last night. But when you are given two interceptions, you take them.


-Somebody woke up Fletcher Cox in the second half, because he was non-existent in the first.


-The Eagles’ offensive line looked rather offensive for the bulk of the game last night. Do they miss Todd Herremans and Evan Mathis? Too early too tell, but...


Ok that's it for me.


'Til next time.


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.



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