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Eagles hold off Jets: The Morning After


Good morning campers,Photo: slate.com


And yes, this is a good morning. For the first time all season, I can say that - and mean it. For those of you not in the greater Philadelphia area, this was an incredibly exciting and eventful weekend, as his Holy Father, Pope Francis - spent Saturday and Sunday in the City of Brotherly Love.


Now, I am not about to say it was divine intervention that the Eagles finally got a W thanks to the papal visit, but... a win is a win, and if the big man had anything to do with it, we'll take it.


Let's get to getting.





Paraphrasing Francis Albert Sinatra, I do not get a kick out of Eagles’ Kicker Cody Parkey. No, he did not miss a field goal, but he did a.) have one kickoff go out of bounds, providing the Jets the ball at their own 40 to start a drive and b.) continually failed to either reach the end zone with his kickoffs, or when he did (on the off chance), it was a mere 1-2 yards deep, thus allowing a return.


MQ was indefatigable in his ripping of not just Mr. Parkey, but of ALL NFL kickers going so far as to say "I think teams should be allowed to change kickers in the middle of a game. If your kicker sucks, go into the crowd - yes, the crowd, and offer any schmo who can kick $100 to kick that given game. Then start all over again next week."


Needless to say, MQ is no fan of kickers. I think it has to do with Uwe von Schamann blowing him off at a card show many years ago, but I cannot confirm that.




Now tell me that doesn't sound like a cop show from the 70's? Coming this fall to ABC... Dirk Benedict is Jason Hicks. John Amos is Isaac Rowe. Together, they keep the streets of LA safe from bad guys and look good doing it. Together they are... Hicks & Rowe.


Yesterday, it was LB Jordan Hicks and CB Eric Rowe, two Eagles rookies who kept Eagles fans safe from an epic collapse, each coming up with an interception while playing at a level that belied their level of inexperience.


Great job guys. I cannot wait to see them on the next Battle of the Network Stars.





Did anyone notice in the second half the score of the game onscreen changed from 24-7 to 24-8? Yeah, me neither.


I wonder if a Jets fan was working the clock and figured no one would notice. And while it may seem innocuous going from 7 to 8, it would have meant the Jets were down only two scores instead of 3.


I give them an A for effort.


A top online sportsbook has the odds for the Eagles' game next week against Washington




Let's see, you run for 5-6 yards on a first down in the second half (where taking time off the clock is huge), and what do you do on the 2nd down? You throw, of course. The resulting incomplete pass, followed by a failed 3rd down, was just another in a far-too-long line of 3 and outs yesterday.


I have said this ad nauseum over the years, but I truly believe NFL coaches outthink themselves. I think they think they're smarter than everyone else. So, if a play calls for a run, they will pass - just to show how smart they are.


Yes, I know the running game was excellent yesterday - for one half anyway. But, there were still far too many times (at least for my liking) when Chip channeled Andy and inexplicably threw when he should have run.


It is something to keep an eye on. You know I will have BOTH eyes on this.




*Brandon Bair for Mayor. Who's with me? Ok, maybe not mayor, but certainly burgermeister. The guy knocked down THREE passes, one of which led directly the aforementioned Jordan Hicks pick. Helluva game there, B Squared.


*Byron Maxwell  is creeping closer and closer into the Nnamdi Neighborhood. With each passing game, his play becomes more reminiscent of Nnamdi Asomugha - the overpaid, overhyped cornerback who came from the Raiders of a few years back. In other words, the B*U*S*T is coming into clearer view with each passing game.


*12 men on the field AFTER a timeout followed by a penalty? That's how you run your ship, Chip? At the most crucial juncture of the game, or least one of them, this is how you manage your team? The end of the game was entirely more dramatic than it ever needed to be.


*The Eagles' offense has a blatant and glaring hole in it. No, not the OL, at least not this week. There is no one who is a vertical threat, and no one to stretch the field. Now, could rookie WR Nelson Agholor be that player? Absolutely. But a.) he's a rookie and b.) they don't call his number, which is obviously not his fault. Chip better figure this out and soon.


*The Eagles' offense amassed a grand total of 52 yards in the second half. Took the pedal off the metal? I guess. But from where I sat, it was ineptness that reared its ugly head again. Of course, juxtaposing the 52 yards over the first two weeks and it doesn't look so bad, does it?



'Til next time.


Always remember, time's yours. Food's mine.


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Pope photo: slate.com