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Eagles Lose In Overtime to Cowboys: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween.


Let's get to getting... and before we do, this week's TMA will be in chronological order- meaning the order in which they happened during the game.



Let's see... you miss a key block which prevents a first down. A few plays later, you drop a pass- thereby preventing yet another first down. Dear Nelson Agholor, to call you a first-round bust would be an insult to all busts the world over. Hell, you make Freddie Mitchell look good. And trust me, that ain't easy.


I abhor the Cowboys, of course. But man, is Ezekiel Elliott the real deal. This kid just rattled off a run and a reception that blows away anything any Eagle WR or RB has done all year. Of course, that's not saying much. But with E Squared in the backfield with that offense line... yeah you know where I'm going kids.



Watching Jordan Matthews drop yet another pass. Yes, it was not the best of throws, BUT a big time receiver makes that catch each time, every time. Lord, is this team bereft of truly talented players on offense and skilled positions. Makes it that much harder to grade Wentz, given how little he has around him. And that's not even in factoring in the deplorable offensive line.



I have written this before, and will write it again and again, because it ties directly into the previous comment. The next tackle Zach Ertz breaks will be the first tackle Zach Ertz breaks. He never seems to break a tackle, regardless whether it's a linebacker, or DB or whomever. But no worries Little E, you are hardly alone in your lack of playmaking ability.



If anyone other than me and maybe three other people on the planet remember the song by the this title by Robin McNamara in the 70s...I'll be amazed. The reason I chose this headline is to show some love for a position much maligned in these halls: NFL kickers. In particular, Caleb Sturgis. Gotta hand to the kid: He drained a 55-yarder right before halftime, only to have to do it again after the Cowboys called timeout to try and ice him. Kudos Caleb.




Other than Al Michaels' commenting on the fact that we had not heard Fletcher Cox's name mentioned much in the first half, Fletcher Cox's name was not mentioned much in the first half. Yesh, Fletch missed Benny, that is painfully obvious. But when you are making the change he is making, you should not have to rely on anyone else but yourself. Earn your keep Big Dog, earn your keep.



How in the hell can you pick up the flag thrown on the Cowboys for an obvious penalty for a block in the back following an Eagles punt in the 3Q? It affected field position by 30 yards! I know every year we say it but this year... is without a doubt the worst ever for NFL officiating. Bar none.



Great coaching decision by Doug Pederson to go to the hurry-up offense in the 3Q. It threw the Cowboys D completely off and eventually led to a Jordan Matthews TD. Brilliant coaching DP, brilliant in channeling your inner Chip Just don't make it a habit.



Have to give Jason Garrett credit for having the guts to call a fake punt so deep in their own end in the 3Q. It ultimately led to a FG. Hey, not easy for me to give him or the Cowboys credit for anything you have to admit that took some guts.


SUPERSTAR BRANDON GRAHAMSuperstar Billy Graham photo: uk.pinterest.com

No, I am not saying Brandon Graham is a superstar. Just paying homage to an old-school wrestler, Superstar Billy Graham. But, I will tell you that this kid has come a long way from the days when those like yours truly referred to him as a bust. He is playing with a fire and passion this year and it is more than a little obvious that he is suited for a 4-3 defense vs a 3-4. Thanks, again Chip for nearly destroying the entire franchise.



You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger and you don't effin’ fumble the damn football in the effin’ fourth quarter. Can someone, anyone, please remind the Eagles running backs of that unwritten NFL rule? I'd be much obliged.



Call this a TV timeout. Props to my brother Michael for bringing this to my attention. By now, you've seen this Burger King commercial below. But what you may not have noticed before is the dude on the left of your screen. Watch what he does,or better still, watch what he doesn't do.


Did you catch it? He doesn't take a bite of his burger! Oh, he motions like he is actually eating it but he's not. Considering this is a global brand with a global size budget to hire overpriced ad agencies to create their spots...this is inexcusable.



As much credit he gets for the hurry-up offense, he gets equally called on the carpet for the head-scratching play calling in the 4Q. With a seven-point lead and in FG range, he dials up a play that ends up losing yardage and takes them out of FG range. Why Doug, why?


Just watched the game end and this entire loss is on the shoulders of Doug Pederson. Your D played its heart out, and you and Frank Reich blew it. You blew it. Your play calling blew it.


It's late. I'm tired. I'm out.


'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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Superstar Billy Graham photo: uk.pinterest.com