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Eagles Schooled by Seahawks: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Yes boys and girls, it is going to be a good.



Wait! This just in.


I've uncovered a once-thought-lost transcript.


I now take you back in time to the Eagles draft war room, as they prep for the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. In the room, among others is Eagles head coach and de facto GM, Chip Kelly and a bunch of other people who, if you ask Chip, don't know as much about football as he does... collectively.  


Chip: "I like this Agholor kid guys."


Everyone Else In the Room: "What are you an idiot? The guy can't catch and he likes strippers."


Chip: "Nonsense. I'll teach him to catch and tell him what clubs are the best ones in town. I mean, I'll teach him to catch. Period. Look, the kid's a player. He went to USC, so he must be good."


Everyone Else In the Room: "So did Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart."


I was fortunate (operative word) to have not seen Nellie's latest (operative word) gaffes, as I was at a basketball practice for my son. However, I was kept apprised accordingly, and between the drop and the penalty, I'm not sure which is more egregious.


I have seen video evidence of both, and all I can say is... well, let's let Twitter say it. Here's just a random sampling of Tweets directed at ol' Nellie:

Another one that caught my eye was this one, which as you can see was about a petition to cut NA from the Eagles outright. Will never happen, but people can dream, can't they?

Cut Nelson Agholar petition.







































Hard To Believe Harry

Then there's visual stat:

Russell Wilson had as many receiving yards as the Eagles did at one point in Sunday's game.




















That's right kids: At one point in the game, the opposing QB had as many yards receiving as the entire Eagles WR corps. Utterly embarrassing would be a massive understatement.


Random Observations

*Collectively, the Eagles defense is above average. I truly believe that. Of course, they need help at CB. Overall, however, they are a good group. The problem is, they are not dominant. Of course, that's not fair to lay all of this on them, and I am surely not. My point is, they would need to be dominant to overcome the colossal shortcomings on the offensive side.


*Then there’s the penalties. The undisciplined penalties. They too have nothing to do with the talent level. They have to do with coaching and preparation.


*The Seahawks offensive line is the lowest paid OL in the entire NFL. I don't know what that means, but during pregame, that was a major point for some "experts." Many seemed to assume that this group was cheap, so they must not be very good. Yeah, how'd that work out?


*Carson Wentz will be a very good NFL QB someday. Right now, he is not, and the hard truth is, it’s NOT all because of his un-supporting cast. His decision-making is questionable at times, and we’ve seen him completely miss wide open receivers more than a few times. Lord knows that doesn't happen much, but...maybe that's why he missed them. He is so astonished they're open in the first place.


*I wrote this on FB late in the game. Clearly, the Eagles don't have the horses the Seahawks do, and that's ok. We all know the roster needs work, BUT their entire coaching staff is getting schooled—including their vaunted def coordinator. That's what was most troubling yesterday: The way the Eagles coaching staff, of what I saw of the game, was severely outcoached—and that has nothing to do with talent level.


*At one point in the first half, while I was at basketball practice with my son, Joe Vallee, the brains of P2P, sent me the following text: "Ertz broke a tackle!" Now the fact that this was text-worthy tells you all need to know about Zach's inability to break a tackle pretty much his entire career. I had to stop practice to sit down and compose myself. Yes, I admit it.


'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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