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Eagles Outsmarted by Packers: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Late game, which means yours truly goes rapid fire...


*Steve Young said something interesting during the pre game show. He made reference to the fact that he thinks Carson Wentz is "trying to keep up with Dak Prescott." I found it interesting insomuch that if this is indeed the case, Wentz is caught up in something he cannot possibly come out on top of—for the simple fact that his supporting cast is light years behind in talent than that of Dak's.


*Does Connor Barwin still play for the Eagles? How about Bennie Logan? Just checking.


*It was deja vu all over again for the Eagles and Aaron Rodgers wasn't it? At times, Rodgers looked like he could do literally anything he damned well felt like doing. The Eagles’ defense was powerless for a long part of the game last night. Incredibly frustrating to watch—again.


*So Dougie Fresh wins a challenge and it saves the Eagles D a whole two yards...BUT costs the Eagles their final challenge. What? Rookie QB. Rookie Coach. Just keep saying that to yourself over and over again. That may help.


*Took all the way to the fourth quarter, but once again, there was our boy Jason Kelce, committing yet another key boneheaded play. This time, while not a penalty, was a low snap which ultimately led to a sack, leaving the Eagles in a third and long—which they did not convert and had to punt. Yes, you can add new center to the Eagles wish list. Their ever growing wish list.


*Another game, another inexcusable mistake by an Eagles WR. Last week, of course, was Nelson Agoholar and his inexplicable penalty for not lining up on the line of scrimmage. Last nite was Dorial Green-Beckham's turn getting flagged for offensive pass interference negating a long gain. Nicely done. The fact is, these extremely costly penalties have NOTHING to do with talent or lack thereof. It has to do with coaching and understanding the game. It was do with having a brain (hell, even half a brain) to know the rules of the game.


*Can someone, anyone, explain to me why it was such a big deal last year when Nolan Carroll went down with a season-ending injury? I said it then and got blasted for it. What I said was this guy STINKS and is massively overrated. Please line up in a single file to apologize and tell me I was right all along. Thank you.


*So last week, we heard about the Seahawks’ OL playing on its 57th different combination— including a guy who was selling Amway products the week before. Ok, not really, but we did hear all about how the Eagles’ DL would take advantage of the weaker Seahawks line. How'd that work out? Then last night, it was how depleted the Packers’ OL was, and how the Eagles’ DL would have a big night. How'd that work out?


*Given the magnitude of the game, I would argue that this was the worst lost of the season. Think about this: It was clearly a must win game. All week long, we heard how bad the Packers’ defense was and how the entire team was in disarray. Of course, I realize the Eagles’ offense is putrid (even WITH Jordan Matthews), but c'mon man. Are you kidding me? Then, the coup de grace: A penalty for too many men on the field as the Packers lined up to punt and give the ball back to you. Facing a 4th and 5 vs. a 4th and 10, the Packers go for it and convert. Of course, there was a penalty not called on Jordy Nelson for pass interference…..but at that point, who really cared?


*We are who they thought we were. Paying homage to the late Dennis Green, I for one, thought the Eagles would be a 5-11, 6-10 team before the season started. The 3-0 start clearly threw us all—including yours truly. And why? Because we are all so very starved for an Eagles team to play well; to be relevant; to be in the mix. We are all so desperate, we failed to see the reality staring us in the face. Hell, coming into this game, we still had visions of playoffs dancing in our heads. And rest assured, there will still be diehards playing the "mathematically alive" card. God love 'em. But there's a reason it's called reality. It's REAL.



'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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