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Eagles, Wentz Take Down Giants: The Morning After


Good morning campers... and Merry Christmas (early),


It's late. I'm tired. The Eagles won. But who really cares?



Trust me: Ain't gonna be much meat on the TMA bone this week, kids.


*Fantastic opening drive followed by Malcolm Jenkins' Pick 6. Before you could blink, it was 14-0 Birds.


*Did I miss the memo about casual dress in the broadcast booth? Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth were dressed as if they were headed to the Ralph Lauren Holiday Party right after the game, and what was up with Bob Costas' hat?


*I haven't commented on too many commercials this year, but one last night caught my eye (or ear). It was for Nicoderm CQ, the product that helps you stop smoking. What caught my eye and ear was their tagline: "Every great way needs a great how."


Altogether now: WTF? What exactly does that mean?




*In case you didn't realize, yesterday marked the second straight week the stellar Eagles secondary allowed a TD very late in the 2Q. Last week, it was the Ravens’ Steve Smith, and last night it was Sterling Shepard. This just in... the Eagles desperately need TWO new cornerbacks...again.


*Well break up Nelson Agholor. Of course, he had his obligatory drop, but...he also had a touchdown reception—be still my heart, and he also had a very key 3rd down catch that was initially ruled out of bounds. Upon further review, however, it was ruled to be in, thus making Caleb Sturgis' field goal a little easier. Atta boy Nellie.


*An absolute unsung hero of the Eagles’ D this year has been LB Nigel Bradham. He, along with DE Brandon Graham and Jenkins, have been the most consistent Eagle defenders all season long.


*Dougie Fresh had an Ok game, winning a key challenge late in the game. But his play calling? Let me see if I get this: The big bruising back, Ryan Mathews, you call plays that take him to the outside of the tackles, yet you have the diminutive Darren Sproles run between the tackles? Is that how it works, DP? Ok. Just checking.


*Thank God for Eli Manning. Love those back foot throws.


*I think Eagles fans should give Connor Barwin a standing ovation next week. Not for his play this year, obviously. But for his Eagles career as a whole. Kind of like Phillies fans did with Ryan Howard this past year. Thank him for all he's done over his career in Philly. It is painfully obvious he is shot.


*Carson Wentz's stock just went thru the roof with his teammates. Coming back from a vicious hit (with a potential concussion looming), he displayed the kind of toughness that his fellow players will admire. This will go a long way to cement his role as the leader of this team, which he already is in many ways.


*A win is a win is a win, but it is surely sweeter when it's against a division rival.



'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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