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Eagles Owned By Bengals: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

I can honestly say that yesterday was perhaps the first time in a very long time (ok, maybe last year, but it sounds better when I say "in a very long time") that I found a Philadelphia Eagles football game to be dull and uninteresting—AKA: boring.


But I'll be damned if not sometime during the first quarter (yes, the FIRST QUARTER) did the thoughts of "what else could I be doing with my time?" creep into my consciousness.


Let's get to getting...


And you know damn well it's rapid fire for this TMA, which it is following ANY loss—but especially following the kind of phone-it-in, ho-hum, humdrum affair we were treated to yesterday.


*"It's not a lack of effort"- Eagles coach Doug Pederson (AKA Dougie Fresh) actually used those words to form that sentence in his postgame press conference yesterday. The full quote was: "We all have to take that collective effort, individually take that collective effort, and just look at yourself in the mirror, the man in the mirror and see if you’re doing enough, if we’re putting ourselves in the positions to win. It’s not for a lack of effort.”


My head is still throbbing from reading and rereading that one over and over again.


Look, I get it. He can't throw individual players under the bus. Fine. But why can't he say something along the lines of: "Our collective effort has to be better. Across the board, from the head coach down, our effort is just not where it needs to be."


By saying something like that, Doug Pederson would have immediately won over a lot of Eagles' fans who are openly questioning his ability to lead this team.

If he had something even remotely close to that, he would have reversed a trend we have bore witness to for the past 15-20 years (if not longer)—ie: an Eagles head coach completely insulting the intelligence of this Eagles fan base. Do you think there's a sane person alive who would believe the Eagles put forth a good effort yesterday?


Yes, the operative word is sane.


*Excuse after excuse after...Another gem from Dougie's post game presser was this beauty, which he responded to when asked 'What happened, and changed, from 3-0 to now?'


“There’s probably a lot of factors. I think one you can look at a little bit of adversity. We lost our right tackle, when things started going the other direction. There were some injuries in there. Teams had film on us, film on Carson, could attack differently, and then it just all begins to snowball. It gets us in this situation that we’re in.”


Hold the phone there DP.


Teams had film on Carson. Of course they did.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the NFL provides you and the Eagles with film on other players and teams, too, yes? In other words, if OTHER teams can make adjustments based on the film (as you intimated what happened with Wentz), isn't the onus on you to make adjustments to the adjustments?


And cry me a river (re: losing your right tackle). That team in Dallas lost their starting QB, and they seem to be muddling along ok.


Stop making excuses, Doug. When players see the head coach make excuses, that gives them the green light to do the same. Lord, don't you get that?


Allow me to, again, give you an example of how you SHOULD have responded.


Steve: 'What happened, and changed, from 3-0 to now?'


Dougie Fresh: "You know there's some different things here and there but at the end of the day we are paid to do our jobs. Period. No excuses. Ever. We're just not good enough right now."



*If boredom reigns, apathy and ambivalence can't be far behind. Think about this: Would you ever see the day when words like "boring," "apathy" and "ambivalence" are used to describe the Philadelphia Eagles and its fans? In a word: Hell No (that’s actually two words). But that is precisely what has permeated at one diehard Eagles fan: yours truly. And that is truly sad, pathetic and most telling at the same time. And something tells me I am hardly alone.


*The Ben-Gals are putrid but...Hey I know, let's throw a pass to an offensive lineman. What could possibly go wrong? That bizarre play call was just one of many highlighting the fact that the Ben-Gals were doing everything they could to keep the Eagles in the game. Hell, they put more effort into keeping the Eagles in the game than the Eagles did themselves! But of course, as bad as the Ben-Gals are, what does that say for our Birds?


Yeah, exactly my point.


*One last post game nugget from Dougie Fresh to lead into my final point: "Obviously we’ve got to continue to put pressure on the quarterback, and sometimes it’s hard with just four guys."


Um, continue?


Hold on, I gotta call Mr. Webster on this one. Perhaps they changed the definition of that word while I wasn't looking.


continue (v): to maintain without interruption; to keep going or add to


Son of a gun, it does still mean the same thing it always has. Someone needs to let DP know he has surely chosen the wrong word, because the Eagles pressure on the quarterback has been interrupted (and then some) for pretty much the entire year.


And as for the "sometimes it’s hard with just four guys" comment.




Please don't make me spout off the insane amount of money the Eagles are spending on these "four guys," and then compare that to the level of production they're getting in return.


Speaking of which, how long will Connor Barwin be out? I know he's hurt, but does anyone know how long he'll be out?


Wait. What?


He's not hurt. He hasn't been hurt?


Damn, my bad. I just assumed he was hurt, seeing how his name is never called during a game.


Sorry Connor.


Keep up the good effort.


'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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