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Bradford to Field More Responsibility in Final Season With Eagles


It is difficult to determine whether or not Philadelphia Eagles fans perceive Sam Bradford’s status with the team in the same manner as the quarterback does. It is clear that the betting lines are going to undergo a drastic change now that the formerly disgruntled quarterback undertaking so much responsibility.


Of course, Bradford might be a little too preoccupied with the fact that he isn’t going to be with Philadelphia for much longer. With Philadelphia having used their No.2 Pick in the 2016 draft to bring Carson Wentz onboard, Bradford, despite signing a two year deal with the team in March, realistically only has a season left with the Eagles.Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


That being said, with the new offense he will be running in this season, Bradford has much to celebrate. Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense didn’t exactly appeal to Bradford’s sensibilities. The fact that he couldn’t audible out of plays with possible trouble looming ahead (along with the fact that he had no say in protection calls) couldn’t have sat well with him.


As a result, new Eagles coach Doug Pederson seems determined to give Bradford the pre-snap freedom he desires. Pederson offers the very thing that every quarterback desires, or so Bradford claims; and that is the ability to make things right, getting in and out of plays when the need calls for it.


Make no mistake, the challenges that will arise are difficult to ignore. Bradford admitted that he expected to field a lot of pressure as he worked to adapt to Pederson’s approach, especially in regards to trying to predict the actions of his opponent, or even preparing for specific looks and opportunities that he can take advantage of. That doesn’t mean Bradford wants to go back to Kelly’s “Hurry-Up offense” from last year. Though he admits that his former coach’s approach had its own benefits, Bradford clearly prefers his freedom.


Once a quarterback gets to the line of scrimmage, there is something about being able to read the plays, identifying the good plays and weeding the bad plays out that makes the game so much more exciting. The fact that Bradford will now have the ability to change the fortunes of the team (especially when things take a turn for the worse) also gives him more chances for attaining glory.


According to Bradford, his hope is to use his freedom to reduce the number of negative plays. The Eagles had too many offensive plays that resulted in negative yardage last year. Pederson, who learned much of his strategies while playing under Reid, has revealed that he intends to put more pressure on the quarterbacks, thus possibly giving the Eagles the edge they need.  


Bradford is no fool. He has a 3.95 GPA in finance while attending University of Oklahoma, and the prospect of extensive study doesn’t exactly worry him. However, he isn’t taking his new authority lightly either. Certainly, he will be afforded more freedom, but he must also contend with the responsibility.



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Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports