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Eagles, Wentz, manhandle the Bears: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


As was the case in year's past, when the Birds play late, I go rapid fire because A) I can, and B) I'm too damn tired.



*So Malcolm Jenkins and a few other Eagles decided to raise their fists in a Black Power salute during the national anthem. Sorry Malcolm - and all others, you do not disrespect the flag. Ever. There is a time and there is a place to voice your displeasure. But during your country's national anthem ain't it. Love ya, Malcolm, but you are dead wrong my friend.


*It is painfully obvious the Eagles are in desperate need for a true #1 receiver. Jordan Matthews, as I wrote last week, is the ultimate tease. The latest example came at the end of the first half when Carson Wentz dropped a perfect TD pass in his lap...only to see it go right through his hands.


Then early in the 3Q, Nelson Agholor dropped another great pass thrown by Wentz. While this one was a little under thrown, it should have been caught.


Bottom line is the Birds do not have somebody like Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, Jr., Dez Bryant and so on - a wide receiver who can be counted on to make the catches that need to be made. Of course, those guys don't grow on trees.



*Remember the old SNL skit "More Cowbell?" Of course you do. Well I want to start a new campaign: More Redbone. I absolutely loved hearing their classic 70's tune "Come and Get Your Love" in the TV spot for the new Google phone. Of course, don't ask me to name another Redbone song.



*Once again, the MQ Kicker Rules came into play with Bears place kicker Connor Barth missing a FG, badly and Eagles PK Caleb Sturgis missed an extra point. Go back and re-read last week's TMA to see how MQ would deal with kickers if he were king of the world or NFL Commissioner, which if you asked Roger Goodell are not much different.


*Was that Jerry Rice or Eddie Royal out there last night for the Bears? I mean are you kidding me? The Birds’ front seven played very well. But the secondary? As my buddy Rich Romig would say "Eeesh." I realize they were missing a starter but... and can someone please tell me why so many are under the belief that Nolan Carroll is a great CB?


*Oh Jay Cutler...What can I say kid? You got a big arm, that was never in doubt. And I feel for you (re: how many OCs you've had during your career). But, you... well, you're not very good.


*The Zebras took it a whole new level last night. The non-pass interference call on Agholor comes in as Exhibit A. Good God, you even had Jon Gruden telling the world how bad that non-call really was.


*Big props to Eagles DC Jim Schwartz. The guy has clearly brought the swagger back that was so sorely lacking the past three, five, seven years if not more. His aggressive style is is a perfect fit for Philly fans.


*What can you say about Carson Wentz? This kid has been nothing short of astonishing his first two games, impressing even the toughest of critics in one Raymond Didinger, of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Perhaps most impressive is his willingness to stand tall in the pocket in the face of intense pressure. He's no... well, he's no Jay Cutler. And last night, he became the first rookie QB to start and win his team's first two games of a season with no turnovers. Wow.


*Did you see the look on Gruden's face late in the game when Sean McDonough told him he didn't know what "Take Care of the Duke" meant? Hell, even my 12-year old son knows the Duke refers to the freaking ball they play with. How in the hell does McDonough NOT know that? Gruden's look said "Where's Mike Tirico when I need him?"


*How is #50 not retired by the Bears by the way?


Ok, it's late... I'm going to bed.


'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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