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Eagles, Wentz, Stun Steelers: The Morning After


Good morning campers... and yes it is indeed a VERY good morning.


According to dictionary.com, there are two definitions of the word "stunning" - causing, capable of causing, or liable to cause astonishment, bewilderment, or a loss of consciousness or strength OR of striking beauty or excellence.


Now I ask you this: Is there a better word to describe what we witnessed yesterday?



I for one, was completely astonished and bewildered. And while I didn't lose consciousness (at least I don't think I did), I absolutely thought what we were treated to was without question a thing of beauty - striking beauty.


Let's get to getting...





Following the Birds’ Week 1 win against the Browns, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote an article with the very telling headline:


Many of the Browns scouts fired before the draft favored Carson Wentz.


In his piece, La Canfora tells of some apparent disagreement amongst the Browns brass as to the top 2 QBS coming out of the draft: Jared Goff and Carson Wentz.


According to La Canfora (in referencing numerous sources with knowledge of the situation), several more of the Browns’ seasoned scouts and evaluators actually preferred Wentz to quarterback Jared Goff, and believed him to be the greater pro prospect. These same scouts and evaluators were inexplicably dismissed just three weeks before the draft. Now as La Canfora also points out, the same group was going to be let go in 2016 as part of downsizing anyway.


However, it is more than odd and coincidental that A) These seasoned scouts and evaluators - some of whom were former general managers and personnel directors - were let go so close to the draft and B) They all shared the same Pro Wentz approach.


Then we have former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott, who following the Eagles win over the Bears in Week 2 called Wentz's and the Eagles' 2-0 start "fool's gold."


"He’s played the JV. He could play Towson University and get a harder challenge than playing those two teams," said Scott.


Scott then put on his soothsayer hat and predicted that life would tougher - a lot tougher - for Carson and Co. this week vs. the Steelers.


"There’s going to be a lot of pressure to put up 40 points because Ben’s going to sling that thing. This week, he’s going to have to be aggressive and he’s going to have to take chances. It’s not like this Pittsburgh Steelers defense is a great defense by any stretch of the imagination, especially in the secondary. But they’re going to create traps for him. They’re going to play with his eyes. The safeties are going to move up and back. Mike Mitchell is a veteran safety. … He’s going to feel the pressure trying to keep up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Believe that.”


Um, Bart...as for the fool and the gold...nah. Too easy.





About 2-3 minutes BEFORE Darren Sproles went on his merry way for a 73-yard touchdown catch and run, I texted MQ the following: "I think Sproles has lost a step... finally. The guy has been amazing for so long but he looks a step slower."


No, I was not directly to the left of MQ this week (hence the text), but yes, I am one helluva football expert ain't I? Of course, I could argue Sproles somehow heard about my text, was inspired by my words and decided to show he still has something in the tank. So in a way, I am to thank for his TD.


Yeah, let's go with that.




In case you missed it, former Eagles place kicker Cody Parkey was signed by the Browns over the weekend. Somehow this was not trending news. Hard to believe.


Anywho, there he was, all set up to give the Brownies their first win of the season.


On the final play of regulation in their game vs. the Dolphins, all CP had to do was make a 46-yard field goal.


Easy, right?


Naturally, ol' Cody shanked it, the game went into OT and the Browns bungled their way to another loss, dropping them to 0-3 on the season. To make matters even worse, it was Cody's THIRD missed FG of the game.


Somewhere, MQ was steaming. In case you missed it, MQ has a very clear and present way to handle ALL NFL Kickers. You can read all about it here. Just go to the section labeled "JUST FOR KICKS."




It is becoming increasingly difficult not to get caught up all this. The hyperbole is and will remain rampant for at least two weeks with the Eagles bye week coming up. Expect experts near and far to heap praise on the above three, most notably Carson Wentz.


His demeanor on the field is nothing short of, well... astonishing and stunning. I told you the hyperbole will be rampant, but the same should be said of Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz. Both coaches are each directly as responsible for the Eagles' success as Wentz - if not more.


Pederson is the one who hired Schwartz. Pederson has his own demeanor. So far, it’s been a relatively calm one. Without question, it has had an impact on the collective psyche of the team - especially on those players who had to endure The Chip Years.


We all knew he would bring a traditional style offense to contrast greatly with Chip's up tempo style, but Pederson seems capable of something Chip would never do or could never do: delegate and trust. Pederson has delegated the defense clearly to Jim Schwartz (ie: ‘You do your thing. I'll be over here if you need me').


Believe me, not every coach can do that. As Dirty Harry once said: "A man's got to know his limitations.' Pederson knows his: defense. So bring in someone who DOES know defense and the results speak for themselves.




But even more astounding and un-Chip like is Pederson's willingness to delegate and trust his rookie QB. Hell Sam Bradford wasn't even allowed to audible a play call under Chip, let alone change the blocking assignments.


Are you kidding me?


A rookie QB? A Division 1-A rookie QB at that?


These kinds of thing just don't happen- least of all in Philly. I mean, we're conditioned and accustomed to failure as Eagles fans, right?


Before the season, I predicted a record of 5-11 or 6-10 for the Eagles. Will I change my pick now?  Well, of course I could and probably should, but I think I'll leave it right where it is. No sense changing now.


Hey remember, I'm the guy who said Darren Sproles was slowing down. So stay with me. I know what I'm talking about.


'Til next time.


As always, time's yours. Food's mine.


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