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Eagles beat Panthers, Officials: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Well, what can I tell you? Sometimes, you have the rare fortune (or misfortune, depending on who you ask) of starting the beginning AND the end of your week reading my musings, rantings and ravings about our beloved hometown Eagles.


As luck would have it, this is one of those weeks. So without further adieu, here’s some observations from my hotel room in Tampa. Rapid fire style. Because, come on….it’s pretty late.TMA


-Some (shall I say) questionable calls on the Eagles during the game last night? Ok, the hell with that—they were bulls#%t calls.


-Fletcher Cox played like a guy who was off the last two weeks. Wait, what? Oh yeah, he was off the last two weeks. He earned his money and then some.


-Josh Elliott is M*O*N*E*Y


-Cam Newton is a punk. Ok, he’s not, but he is when he plays the Eagles. And no that makes no sense, but it doesn’t have to.


-During halftime, I went to the penthouse in the hotel, as the people holding the event invited people up. I wanted to make an appearance. After 30 seconds, I was back in my room. Why? Because some non-sports fan nitwit decided to walk in front of the TV right in the middle of a play. Yeah, good night everyone. I’m out.


-I still don’t – and may never, understand why Doug Reid repeatedly goes away from the run. Oh wait. Yes I do. His last name is Reid. That explains EVERYTHING.


-Nigel Bradham made two 1st down saving tackles, plus deflected a key 3rd down pass late in the game. This all despite being injured at one point. Huge game for NB.


-Where was LeGarrette Blount for the bulk of the 3Q? If not the entire quarter and into the 4th?Photo: XenForo.com


-Did I mention the questionable calls? Seriously the game was so one-sided in terms of calls it became laughable.


-Make no mistake about it kids. The Eagles won this game in spite of the officials and in spite of Doug Pederson.


Pederson’s play calling – AGAIN – leaves a lot to be desired. And please spare me “But Steve, they won” garbage. I’m a realist, and if you truly believe Doug Pederson’s play calling is just fine the way it is, you are drinking the Kool Aid.


In fact you’re on an IV of it, too.


As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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