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Eagles outrun Chargers: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Let's dispense with the amenities or whatever and get right to it, shall we?


Let's get to getting...




My brother Michael and I, as we often do, were texting back and forth during much of the game. At one point, I sent him a text that read: Different Coaches. Different Players. Same Eagles. Nothing is ever easy. He agreed instantly. The point is, as we both know and as will ANY Eagles fan over the age of 35—this franchise (not team) can't get out of its own way. Nothing is easy. This was a very bad Chargers team that the Eagles let hang around and hang around.


Replace "Chargers" with any number of teams in my last sentence and you get the point. I don't know if it's a curse but this has seemingly forever been the Eagles M.O. Let inferior teams hang around, and often times, these games end in a loss. The only reason it didn't happen yesterday was because Doug Reid (I've officially changed his name) finally realized he needed to run the ball consistently over the past six minutes and change left in the game.



Not long ago, Eagles fans were lamenting the fact that LeGarrette Blount left the field (before a game ended) in an apparent display of dissatisfaction, after only touching the ball one time. Many called for his head. Literally.


"Cut him!" many bemoaned on local sports talk radio.


Fast forward a few weeks and what'ya know? Turns out, the guy can actually run the rock. I am by no means condoning him leaving the field early. No, that was wrong then and it's still wrong now. But we all witnessed what can happen when he gets in a groove (AKA: gets the ball a lot). He’s very hard to tackle 1:1 and fights for extra yards on every carry. Zach Ertz can learn a thing or two from him on breaking tackles, but that's another story for another time.


Clearly, Blount is the not the long-term solution at RB (meaning...beyond maybe next year), but for the short term (as in THIS season), he needs to be given the ball early and often. Only please, Dougie Reid, don't shy away from the run—if say, on first down, you only rush for 1-2 yards.


Please resist the urge to channel your inner mentor. Look, you obviously avoid the buffet line (unlike your mentor), so there's proof right there that you need to do everything he does, right?




I said this to MQ yesterday, but he quickly rebuffed me: "I could listen to Dick Stockton call every Eagles game." There were, of course, no shortage of classic Stockton lines yesterday, but my favorite has to be the one that came following the Eagles 1st TD, which came on a drive immediately following a Chargers turnover.


"The Eagles didn't take that much long," proclaimed Stoxy to the viewing audience. No, Dick they didn't take that much long at all.


Then there was his broadcast partner, Mark "Stink" Schlereth who, during the Chargers SECOND offensive series of the game in the 1Q, told viewers that "the Eagles defense has been in the Chargers backfield all day."


Later on, Stink referred to Eagles DT Fletcher Cox as the "actuator" of the Eagles defense. Um ok, sure he is. Right.


Wait, what?


For those who are curious, the definition of actuator is "a type of motor that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by a source of energy, typically electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure, and converts that energy into motion."


Of course, that's what Fletcher Cox is when it comes to the Eagles defense. My God, it's so damn obvious.


[[shaking head]]





*Other than a penalty, was Vinny Curry's name called once?


*The Bolts got some serious "home cooking" from the refs. Of course, "home cooking" takes on a whole new meaning when the opposing team's fans outnumber your own. Photo: juststopscreaming.com


*Has #1 Derek Barnett been playing? Did he get hurt? Oh wait, he did recover a fumble yesterday, so he's got that going for him, which is nice. Has he had a sniff of an opposing QB all year? What's that? Oh, he's pacing himself. My bad.


*Gotta give up for Nellie. Nelson Agholor once again showed he has progressed over previous years. He has shown, dare I say it, good hands so far this season, including yesterday.


*Breaking news...the Eagles cornerbacks are, well.. they ain't good, kids. Especially with Ronald Darby out. Rookie Rasul Douglass played like a rookie, which is not good, considering he’s being thrust into a more prominent role. Clearly, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz called very few blitzes and lots of zones to try and "hide the pimples," as my buddy Matt Grace said. Looks he needs more Clearasil.


*Jake Elliott = Money. Last week's game-winner against the Giants was epic. But, as MQ is always quick to point out, he's still just a kicker—which means he's still one or two misses away going from money to zero.


As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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Clearasil photo: juststopscreaming.com


10:48 AM
Mon Oct 2 2017
What's with the negativity? 

What's with the negativity?  The Eagles won, no?  Complete lack of respect for the coach.  You can post positive comments and still retain objectivity.  Spare me the "Green Kool-Aid" and "I-Calls-'Em-Like-I-Sees-'Em" references while you're at it.   Your obvious disdain for the team and coach is apparent in your cynicism.  Your opinion and you're entitled to it, but, give me a break.  Nice road win by this very young team and you still work in your hatred of the former coach, who, until further notice, remains the greatest coach in Eagles history.  Oh yeah, before I forget, the Eagles are now atop the division but you conveniently left that out to make jokes about Reid's weight issues.  Nice.