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Eagles run over 49ers: The Morning After


Good morning campers,



For the first time in a few weeks - been traveling a lot, I was back to my proper spot to the left of MW Quinlan, the greatest financial mind since JCPenney.


Gonna jump right in and go rapid fire.


Let's get to getting...


*Did anyone notice the playing of the National Anthem was not televised? MQ did and astutely pointed it out. Think that was a coincidence? I doubt it. Wonder if this is a shape of things to come?


*I happen to love Charles Davis' Bill Murray Caddyshack reference. If you missed it, on-screen was a visual of the downpour and Davis, showing exemplary comedic timing in weighed in perfectly with: "I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for a while."



*Either the Eagles OL is not that good, had an off day, OR the Niners DL is pretty damn good, because from where I sat, the Niners were in the backfield a lot yesterday. Yes, I realize JP was not out there, but still...


*But the Eagles OL did what they had to do and that's all that matters


*Yes, I know some of you get mad at me for referring to the head coach as Doug Reid, but I'm sorry: When the conditions are what they were yesterday, and the OL cannot pass block (not that run blocking was much better), you simply have to establish the run game, particularly on first down.


That being said, the Birds are 7-1—best record in the NFL, so what do I know?


*Sixers home opener was not long ago. My son Josh and I were in attendance. At halftime we met Brandon Graham, Jalen Mills and Rodney McLeod. All three players played key roles in the win, especially Mills. Clearly, meeting my son and I was the spark of energy and inspiration they needed. Hold your applause. It's embarrassing. Actually reminds of the Seinfeld episode where George helped Don Mattingly with his swing. Photo: Steve Olesnki


*Does Mike Trout really need another football? I mean, the brother's got the best seats in the house, and seemingly every time an Eagle scores, they hand him the ball. What gives? Yes, I am being quite sarcastic, so spare me the ripping for this one and lighten up, Francis.


*Big V…...well the kid held his own for a while and then, well, held his opponent. I kid, not even sure he had a holding penalty. Overall, he played well, but you can bet other teams will be teeing up on him to see what he can handle.


*Vinny Curry & Mychal Kendricks are two players who were nearly cast off this past off-season. What a difference an off season makes, huh? These guys are both playing an incredibly high level, and are invaluable contributors to this exceptional Eagles D.


*While not quite as invaluable, Eagles rookie Derek Barnett is starting to make his presence felt, blocking a FG yesterday and causing backfield havoc for the Niners. The kid's starting to play like a first round pick.

*The Alshon Jeffery catch and TD run was precisely why the Eagles signed Alshon Jeffery in the first place. Big time play by a big time player.


As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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