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Eagles manhandle Cardinals: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

As we all know by now, this past week was one filled with unspeakable horror and tragedy in Las Vegas. I bring this up only in the context of sports and the diversion it creates. It truly does give us a collective break from reality.

And I, for one, needed it.

However, yesterday was extra diversionary, if you will, for me, as I got to take my son Josh and his friend Ryan to the game—and not only that they got to go to the Press Box, the Video Control Room and onto the field. They even got their picture taken with a former Pro Bowl WR, as you will see below.

TMASo this week's TMA will be from a different vantage point. One from inside The Linc vs directly to the left of the greatest financial mind of James Cash Penney, the inimitable MQ.

Let's get to getting...

The Good, (Not Much) Bad and The (No) Ugly

*The good was very good this week, obviously. Carson Wentz was nearly flawless—save for a pick and an errant throw or two. But his ability to extend plays and his uncanny, especially at this young age, to always have his eyes downfield, never ceases to amaze. It is the classic "just throw it away!... oh wait great throw to _____________.

Two classic examples of this came during yesterday's game in bombs to Torrey Smith and and Nelson Agholor.

Wentz continues to exhibit patience well beyond his years. And we are seeing what a difference it makes to have real weapons around him. The sky is clearly the limit for #11.

*What else can you about LeGarrette Blount? Not long ago, we're ready to run him out of town, and now he's the toast of the city, again. His bruising, battering style fits this city and its fans like a glove. Or, as the old Birds commercial said, like cheese and steak. That's how well LB and the city of Philadelphia go together. You see what happens when you feed him the ball, particularly in the 2nd half of games when the opposing defense is worn down. What looked like a "WTH" kind of signing by Howie is looking quite the opposite right now.

*I have to admit, a few plays prior to the aforementioned Agholor TD, I was openly questioning Doug Reid's play calling, especially after calling a passing play on 1st down up 24-7. But, I also have to admit when I was wrong, and sure enough, three plays later, Wentz finds Nellie open for a long catch and run for TD.

*Fletcher Who? Eagles DT Fletcher Cox missed his second straight game yesterday and the Eagles D never missed a beat. So, clearly they should either trade Cox or outright release him. Ok, did anyone actually believe me? Some of you probably did. For starters, it's worth noting the Cardinals were without arguably the best running back in all football in David Johnson. Something tells me #91's absence would've been significantly more noticeable had DJ been on the field. However, it was encouraging to see what the Beau Allens of the world can step in when called upon and more than hold his own in Fletch's absence.

*Oh yeah, the crowd itself- Almost forgot. While we could have watched the game from the Press Box, the boys wanted to experience the crowd in its purest form. Our seats were in the Mezzanine Level, and by and large, the crowd around us was well-behaved—even with three Cardinals fans in the mix. I think we all collectively felt bad for them having to endure this dreck of a team. Of course, if they were Cowboys or Giants fans... well that would be an entirely different story. There is simply no pity when it comes to their fans.

*Speaking of by and large, I would say the much-maligned Eagles cornerbacks played very well—at least from where I sat. Of course, Larry Fitzgerald is going to have some receptions. He's Larry Fitzgerald, for crying out loud. A first ballot Hall-of-Famer. And sprinkle in a few other grabs by some other Cards wideouts, but again, for the most part, AKA by and large, the Eagles CBs played well. Of course, it surely didn't hurt that Carson Palmer was under duress for most of the day. The CBs will most assuredly face a tougher test this coming Thursday vs. the Panthers and their two big WRs, Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. Alshon Jeffery meets Steve O's son and friend!

*The bottom line is quite simple, kids: The Eagles beat up on a bad team. That's what good teams do. Period. It's what bothered me about last week’s Chargers game. I will not rehash it, but that outcome should have been a lot wider than two points. But, I won't go there. You know how I feel. The Cardinals are horrific right now and it showed. Beat the teams you're supposed to beat. And the Eagles did that. Great win. Now it's time for the Panthers.

*Alshon and the Boys- One of the perks we got yesterday was to go on the field following the game. And coming back in the tunnel exiting the field, my son Josh, on the left in the pic, spotted Eagles WR and former Pro Bowler Alshon Jeffery. I called him over, and he very graciously agreed to take a pic with Josh and his friend, Ryan—who as you can see, were quite elated.

As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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