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Eagles topple Cowboys: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


First and foremost, I want to wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays. I have so much to be thankful for this year. Please be safe as you travel, and enjoy the time with your family and friends.



Let's get to getting...


*This was clearly a very Dickens-ish type of game—for it was a tale of two halves, with the first half being the worst of times and the second half the best (of times). Clearly, there was some rust and bye week hangover in the air, despite the impressive opening drive.


*Carson Wentz was perhaps the most rusty—looking out of sync on many occasions in the first half, even before getting knocked in the head. But something happened in that locker room at halftime, that's for damn sure, because that was not the same Eagles team that came out of the tunnel for the 3Q.


*Before I forget, I have to give props to Walmart for their current holiday spots. Nothing special about them—except for the music, which is truly great, with artists as diverse as Tag Team and BTO, among many others, laying the soundtrack. Well played Walmart, well played.


*I don't know about any of you, but I am picking up Kamu Grugier-Hill to be my kicker on my fantasy football team. The dude's got a big leg!


*The aforementioned rust also took its form in the shape of some shoddy run defense and dropped passes, but I think we can say the rust was officially off following Alshon Jeffery's spectacular catch for a TD in the 4th Quarter.


*Don't look now, but 1st Round Pick Derek Barnett is starting to play like a 1st Round Pick.


*Coaching in sports is very often a game of adjustments. Something not working or the other team taking away what you want to do is the key to adjusting on the fly. It’s something that Andy Reid could never master. And if yesterday is any indication, it appears that Doug Pederson did not pick up that trait from his former boss. Clearly, the Eagles needed to establish the run in the second half, and that's exactly what they did.


*Props to Jim Schwartz for adjusting, too, by taking away the Cowboys' bootleg in the second half.


*Also, props to Howie Roseman for his acquisitions. From Jeffery to LeGarrette Blount to his most recent, Jay Ajayi. Everything he’s doing seems to be working, and the chemistry on the team is undeniable. Of course, winning helps, but have to give props to Howie.


*And finally #11...it is damned hard to not get ahead of ourselves, but without question, we have something very special in Carson Wentz. Displaying a calmness and football acumen well beyond his years, his presence, demeanor and leadership in the huddle and on the field is nothing short of astounding.




As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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10:07 AM
Mon Nov 20 2017
Eagles topple Cowboys: The Morning After

First, the word you're looking for is, "Dickensian" (of or reminiscient of the novels of Charles Dickens).  Secondly, have you officially lost your mind?  On THE MORNING AFTER the Eagles biggest win of the season to date, and you give us Wal-Mart?  BTO? Tag-Team?  Who?   What?  The rotted corpse of Bing Crosby himself, singing White Christmas backed by the ghosts of Lynyrd Skynyrd-on my front lawn- would still be secondary news (at best) to the stellar play of the Eagles last night.  And by the way, stop calling them "spots", it's pretentious and pedantic. They're called commercials. We get it, you took an advertising class.  Good for you.  Let's talk about the O-line or the D-line.  How about the running-game? The return of Ronald Darby?  The remaining schedule?  Finally, what is your record for consecutive weeks of bringing up Andy Reid?  Sub-par TMA this week.  I'm not paying for this one.  Please credit my subscription for one week.  Please try and do better.