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Eagles maul Bears: The Morning After


Good morning campers!


Let's just jump right into it and get to getting via my random thoughts and observations from the game.


*It was a sloppy game, kids- Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat. That many fumbles and lazy penalties against a "real" team will not get you a W. You know it. I know it. But ok, I won't dwell on the negative any longer.



*This Eagles team is truly doing things I never thought I would live to see- Their Red Zone and 3rd Down Offensive Conversion Percentage is almost unworldly. How many years did we lament the fact that the Eagles could not convert in the Red Zone and/or convert on 3rd Down? Not only are they performing both of these tasks well, they are doing so at a record clip. Someone pinch me.


*Speaking of pinching me: How many years did we lament the fact that our offensive line could not consistently run and pass block? How many times did yours truly count out Jason Kelce for that matter? After last season, I was more than ready to move on from him. But I'll be damned if he's not back to playing a Pro Bowl caliber level, along with others on the same line. Amazing.


*Somehow, some way, Doug Pederson keeps his staff of backs happy- Of course, winning helps everything, so take that with a grain of salt; and we will see if (yes, if) the Eagles lose another game if these same RBs are as happy-go-lucky. But you have to give credit where it is due. And seemingly, every button they are pushing when it comes to the RBs is the right one. Hell, every button they push period is the right one.


*And speaking of more than ready to move on from, I give you Zach Ertz. How many years did we hear "this is Zach Ertz’s year?"  And how many years did he not deliver? Well Virginia, this is Zach Ertz's year in a big way. On pace for career highs in receptions and touchdowns, he's also on pace for the Pro Bowl and maybe even All-Pro. Incredible.


*The Defense as a unit continues to astound- Yes, it was the lowly Bears, but that was still a professional NFL team on the other side of that ball that this Eagles D obliterated. And the Bears, of course, are just the latest professional NFL team that this Eagles obliterated. Pinch me.


*Alshon Jeffery- Clearly, he is a fit in this offense, and clearly, he is playing himself into a very nice pay day. But, he's 27, and will be 28 by next season. So while I want Alshon Jeffery back, it has to be at the right price. That's just the reality of the business side of the NFL.


*Mr. Wentz- How many compliments can you bestow on this kid? It is nothing short of remarkable the level he is playing at—despite this being is second year in the league. The poise. The decision making. The leadership. The leadership without having to say he is the leader— unlike Donnie Mac, who famously proclaimed that back in the day. Trust me: a real leader never, ever has to announce that is a leader. His actions speak for him. His words in the huddle and locker room speak for him. His demeanor in both good times and bad speak for him.


*The Ride. When will it end? Of course no one knows. And despite those who say I am too negative and need to enjoy the ride, I have, in fact, been enjoying the ride. I just try to keep things in perspective.


However, with every passing week (AKA: win), that word “perspective” is taking on a whole new meaning.




As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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