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Roy Halladay: A Philly2Philly Tribute


Upon hearing the news of the death of former Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay in a plane accident yesterday, the Delaware Valley and baseball fans around the world were left with a horrible sense of loss and disbelief.Roy Halladay photo: Joe Vallee Sr.


Although Halladay spent just four years in the City of Brotherly love and was not a member of the Phillies 2008 world championship team, he made more of an impact on the franchise during those first two years than perhaps any athlete in this city ever has.


Phillies fans will never forget his 2010 Cy Young season; his Memorial Day weekend no-hitter against the Marlins, the postseason no-hitter against the Reds. in addition to becoming the first Phillies pitcher to win 20 or more games since Steve Carlton that year, Halladay followed that up with a 19-win season and second place Cy Young finish in 2011—his last dominant season in baseball.


In addition to his performance on the baseball diamond, due to his tremendous work ethic and mental approach to the game, Halladay was universally admired by his teammates throughout Major League Baseball for being a Hall of Fame person as well. Phillies legends Charlie Manuel, Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz, Brad Lidge, Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard were some of the many dignitaries mourning the death of their former player/teammate on social media. Cole Hamels, who considered Halladay a mentor despite a pretty impressive pedigree himself, was in town yesterday and spoke of Haladay at a Phillies press conference.


There really isn’t anything we can say at Philly2Philly that hasn’t been said about Roy Halladay, but we wanted to pay tribute to him the best way we could. Our site was coming into its own when Halladay arrived in Philadelphia, and some of our articles highlighting Halladay can be found in the links below (as well as above).


Thank you, Roy Halladay. You left us way too soon. You brought it each and every time you took the mound for our team. Your light will always shine bright in Philadelphia, and we’ll never see the likes of you again. Our sincerest thoughts and condolences to his family and the Phillies organization.


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Roy Halladay thanks Phillies fans!



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Photos: Joe Vallee Sr.