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Eagles Survive Giants: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


First and foremost, I want to wish everyone the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of holidays. This is truly the the time of year to be thankful for all that you have in your life; I know I am. And then some.


It can also be a very difficult time of year for many, so if you know of anyone going through a rough time right now, take the time to reach out and let them know you're there for them. Seriously. These are not just words from Hallmark. They are life.


Ok. Let's get to getting...


*Because of my son Josh being in his school's Christmas pageant, I did not see much of the 1st Quarter, and because of his basketball game later in the day, I also did not see much of the 4Q, either. More on the 4Q later.


*I do not know who is advising Doug Reid when it comes to challenges, but whoever it is, this person (or persons) may want to consider a career change. Yesterday's first half challenge of a Torrey Smith reception (that wasn't) was just the latest in a line of very peculiar decisions when it comes to challenge (or not to challenge). Anyone with half a brain could see that Smith did not stay in bounds while attempting the catch in the first half. Yet, Doug Reid threw the flag, lost a timeout, and much more importantly, was reduced to one challenge left for the entire game. Maybe they use AT&T like I do, and have spotty coverage between the booth and Doug's headset. Yeah that's it. 

*No defending the defense. Clearly the Rams, as witnessed the smackdown they laid on the Seahawks yesterday in Seattle, have a very good offense. So, if you want to give the Eagles’ D a bit of pass for last week's horrible performance, fine. But this week? Against the 2-11 Giants? Um, no. Hell no.

Where do I start? No consistent pass rush. Arguably the worst tackling, particularly by the secondary, we've seen all year. An overall lack of enthusiasm and emotion, and most notably, heart. When Nick Foles, your backup QB, puts up a 34-spot on the board, and you barely win by hanging on by the skin of your teeth, something is amiss. Remember hearing the talk of Jim Schwartz being considered as a head coaching candidate in the offseason, due to the Eagles impressive defense? Yeah ain't hearing much of that now, are we? Not blaming him entirely, of course, for he doesn't play defense, but this just in: neither does Carson Wentz. In other words, why is the defense suddenly playing as if they lost their best player? By the way, has anyone seen Fletcher Cox or Vinny Curry? Yeah, me neither. 

*I really have to hand it to Jason Kelce- I, for one, surely thought he was done. Toast. Stick in a fork in him. But he has found his mojo and is playing at a Pro Bowl level, again. Can't say that about the other members of the offensive line, but that's another story. 

*So, during the bulk of the 4Q, as I mentioned, I was at my son's basketball game. Fortunately my brother Michael was providing me with updates as I had spotty service (AT&T, gotta love 'em) in the gym. When I left my house, the Eagles were leading 31-29. Here's some of the texts from my brother that he sent over the remainder of the game. 

-Eagles drive the field. Takes a lot of time. Stalls at 2. Kick FG. Less than 4 minutes left. Eagles 34, Giants 29.


-Giants driving the field


-2:00 warning. Ball on Eagles 20. All slant passes. No D.


-They are going to lose.


-Fourth and goal. Ball on three. This is the game.


-Right tackle false start.


-Incomplete. Penalty on Giants for unsportsmanlike conduct. 43 seconds left. Giants have all timeouts left.


-Over the next 3 plays the Eagles go 3 and out, force Giants to burn timeouts then punt]]


-Bad punt. Ball on Giants 27. Thirteen seconds left.


Two plays later...

-Game over. Eagles hold onto win. Ugly game.

*Apparently, the Giants kept running the exact same play: the slant. Yet, for some reason, the Eagles did not adjust, as they went right down the field. Incredible.


*To have this game against this wretched team come down to a 4th and Goal is beyond inexcusable. It's as inexcusable as Najeh Goode jumping offsides on a Giants punt, thereby giving the G-Men a first down, which then led to a touchdown. It's as inexcusable as Nigel Bradham getting flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, after retaliating to a punch to the head from the Giants' Shane Vereen. What's the rule kids? The officials NEVER catch the first guy, always the one who retaliates.


*Run Forward Forrest. What in the world was with so many Eagles' receivers running backwards after making a catch? On one occasion, it cost the Eagles a first down. They eventually got it, but Torrey Smith, Zach Ertz and Trey Burton all went backwards after making catches. Hell, we tell our kids playing flag football not to do that!


*Final thought: Bill Parcells, the coach of multiple-winning Super Bowl teams, once famously said "you are what your record says you are." Normally, the context of these words deal with teams who, despite having losing records, fancy themselves as being better than their record would indicate.

However, there is a flip side to what he said. The Eagles are 12-2. Do they really look like and act like and play like a 12-2 team?


Be honest.


'Til next time.

Time's yours.

Food's mine.


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