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Eagles embarrassed by Seahawks: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Yes, it is still a good morning despite the brutal reality check the Eagles received from the Seahawks last night. That's what happens when you play a REAL team.

Let's get to getting...


*Cutting right to the chase: Doug Reid (yes, he's back) cost the Eagles this game. Yes, I realize the secondary was exposed. You see what happens when the Eagles play a mobile QB, AND Carson Wentz looked frightened out of his mind, but...Doug Reid is the #1 reason the Eagles lost. Why am I so sure? Let us count the ways.  

1. The incredibly conservative play calling, including NOT exposing the stiff that is Byron Maxwell until the outcome was decided. Or close to it.

2. The conservatism also extends to his decision to not go for first downs and to not challenge a very crucial call that upon further review, would have put the Seahawks in a 3rd and long. Instead, the Seahawks proceed to put the game away with a final TD. And yes, I know the head coach gets advice from the guys in the booth when it comes to challenges, but the buck stops with the head coach.


3. Perhaps the MOST damning evidence against Doug Reid? The fact that he appeared to be completely overwhelmed by the big stage. Much like his mentor, the bigger the stage, the smaller his teams normally come up. Last night was a classic example of this. The entire team was not ready to play. Young team. Young coach. Hostile environment on the road. Not a good combination.


And apparently, I am not the only one who lays the blame at the feet of the head coach—as witnessed by a post game poll on Eagles Postgame Live.

Eagles embarrassed by Seahawks: The Morning After


*It's going to be a long week, kids. Get ready for many national pundits proclaiming the Eagles to be frauds. Based on not just the loss, but HOW they lost many will proclaim that this Eagles team is not as good as their record would indicate:

 'See what happens when they play a REAL team?' Get ready. It's coming starting today, and they won't be able to show otherwise until next week in LA against another good team, the Rams. The big difference? This is not a playoff tested team like the Seahawks. This is another young team that on paper, the Eagles should beat. The next game is unquestionably a statement game, and the Eagles better make one.

*Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz clearly takes a hit here, too. How many 'rub routes' and 'pick plays" did the Seahawks run last night? No adjustments? Or was it the players who did not communicate effectively? Either way, the Eagles seemed helpless to stop essentially the exact same play.

*Where exactly was Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz (save for one bad throw from Wentz to him) in the entire first half? Goes back to the play calling and the head coach.

*I should have made a halftime adjustment myself. During the break, I changed the channel to Southern College Cornhole Championship. Don't act like you didn't DVR it yourself. The problem was, I was so riveted by it, but I felt compelled to go back to the game. Big mistake.

*And speaking of non-football things, the current AT&T holiday spot sucks; the one where it's about two offers, but three people are in the spot and they try and play off that 'hilarious' premise. Seriously? Well then again, AT&T coverage sucks, so why shouldn't their spots, too? If you like that spot, you probably also like the Dilly Dilly ones, too.

*Did I mention that Byron Effin Maxwell was a starting CB for the Seahawks? Seriously, this is not just ANY stiff I'm talking about. The man was CUT by the Dolphins because he sucks. He was traded by the Eagles to the Dolphins because he sucks.

*I could go on and I will surely be accused of being too harsh; 'It's only one game Steve!' Whatever. The fact of the matter is this kids: The Eagles have won NOTHING yet. No-Thing. Do I hope this was, in fact, a reality check, and they come out next week and smoke the Rams? Of course I do. But I am confident that will happen? Not a chance.

'Til next time.

Time's yours.

Food's mine.


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10:35 AM
Mon Dec 4 2017
Eagles embarrassed by Seahawks:

These TMA's are getting more difficult to read with each passing week.   Maybe it's me, but I don't see the purpose, or relevancy, of bringing up Andy Reid's name every time you disagree with Pederson's decisions.  If every time Pederson does something wrong it's because he coached under Andy Reid, then wouldn't the same logic dictate that every time he does something right, Reid should get, at least, partial credit?   And, I'm not even saying Pederson had a good game last night.  He obviously did not. 

There is no doubt, every Eagles fan should be frustrated with last night's effort.  That we can agree on. 

Nice analysis on Schwartz, spot on, as was your comment on Byron Maxwell.  Maxwell played well though, nice hit in the 2nd quarter. 

Your cornhole and AT&T non-sequiturs are annoying, as are most of your references to "spots" (so pretentious).  Mr. Big-Shot, such an industry-insider,  you are.   No one cares about how much you hate AT&T or cornhole games.  Stick to the Birds.