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Chiefs Turn Over Eagles- The Morning After


Hey campers,


Catch the play on words there in the title? Yeah, well, it wasn’t only a play on words—it was reality, for it was turnovers (as they usually do) which led directly to the Eagles failing to take advantage of a Chiefs team it had on the ropes in the 4th Quarter.


Let's get to getting... rapid fire.



*Lest there be any doubt Doug Pederson and Andy Reid are essentially the same coach? One look at the play calling of both during yesterday's game is all the proof you need. The amount of pass plays vs. run plays would be Exhibit A. For Exhibit B, I would give you any number of specific plays. For example, near the end of the first half, Big Andy decides to call a pass play (shocking, I know), despite the fact that A) the Chiefs were already in FG range and B) his QB was taking a beating—literally.


The fact is, Andy and his disciples cannot help themselves. They need to pass the ball. Call it an imbalance in their head or whatever, but no matter how adamant they may seem about "this game/year will be the one we focus on the run" - at the end of the day, they dig the forward pass.


*For three and a half quarters, kids, the Eagles not only hung in with one of the best teams in the league in one of the hardest places to play, but they actually had momentum on their side- Right up until Carson “his-mechanics-are-fixed-from-last-year” Wentz decided to play pinball off a Chiefs' helmet. The ensuing interception effectively altered the game from that point on. And no, I am not coming down on #11 per se (the kid gets better each game), but...BUT don't hand me that his mechanics/release point has gotten better from last year. Because it clearly hasn't. He is too tall to have this many tipped passes and errant throws off helmets.


*Gotta love the Kelce Brothers- On one hand, you have a tight end who clearly has above-average talent with a below-average IQ. And on the other hand, you have an undersized center who's akin to the little engine that could. Only he can't. Last week against the Redskins was an aberration (no penalties) and ol #62 was back to his normal ways—blowing a key block and committing a key penalty...on the same drive.


*By the way, has anyone else noticed how incredibly late the Fox Game Breaks are, compared to when the break actually happened? I realize they need to wait for a break (no pun intended) during the current game to show an update from another game, but Lord.. if you watch NFL Red Zone and see a scoring play, chances are you will same scoring play via a Fox Game Break—at least 10-15 minutes later. Does the phrase "real time" mean anything to you guys at Fox?


*I give major props to the defensive line and really the entire defense- For the most, save for a 50+ yard TD by the Chiefs' Kareem Hunt, they played very well. I don't have the final count in terms of sacks, hurries, pressures and so forth, but let's just say Chiefs' QB Alex Smith will be quite sore tomorrow.


*Just when it looked like Eagles' rookie WR Mack Hollins was taking his place, Nelson Agholor appears to make an exceptional catch and getting both feet in bounds for the Eagles last TD. Yes, at the time, it was meaningless, because all that was left was an onsides kick and what could possibly go wrong there? But I have to give Nellie credit. Meaningless or not, that was a big time play and that's something that Torrey Smith was brought here to do and so far... ain't.


*There was a report that LeGarrette Blount left the field before the final gun went off- Now, if this were true, it would not be the first time LB has pulled such a stunt. Back in 2014, while a member of the Steelers, he did this exact same thing: he left the field before the game was over. The situation was similar: In that game he had zero carries—the same number he had yesterday. Within 24 hours, the Steelers cut him. And soon after, he was signed by the Patriots, again and won a Super Bowl. As of this writing, I cannot find anything on this story about yesterday's game, but if he did leave the field before the game ended, he should be cut. On the spot. Let him go back to Belichick.


*And speaking of Blount, the entire Eagles RB situation needs to be addressed- When a well-past-his-prime Darren Sproles is your #1 back, something is wrong. I realize that during this past offseason, the Eagles could not fill every hole - CB, WR, RB and so on from the previous season. But when you look a back such as Kareem Hunt, who was not drafted until the 3rd round. Yes, the Chiefs picked ahead of the Eagles in this round but...when you look at who the Eagles eventually did draft at RB in Donnel Pumphrey a few rounds later, who's doing a great job holding a clipboard by the way... yeah you see where I'm going.


As always,


Time's yours.


Food's mine.


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