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Eagles 2017 Regular Season Grades: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

I want to wish everyone the most prosperous and healthy 2018. Here’s to this year being your best ever.


For the final regular season TMA, instead of writing about a game no one other than Nate Sudfeld’s family cares about, I’m going to hand out my final regular season grades. As a bonus, I’m also including MQ’s grades. 

I’ll also give you my thoughts on the playoffs.

NOTE: My grade is listed first, followed by MQs, then finally my thoughts/comments.


Obviously, the Eagles blew past all preseason expectations by winning as many games as they did—thanks in large part to a certain QB, who also blew past preseason expectations and was on pace for an MVP caliber season. Sure, a stickler could give them an A+ grade vs. ‘only an A,’ but none of you are sticklers, right? Didn’t think so.


Really not much to complain about from this overall group. Individual group grades to follow, but as a whole, this Eagles offense was extremely impressive from the get-go.

QUARTERBACK (Not named Foles or Sudfeld): A/A

Prior to the devastating injury, which altered the course of the Eagles’ season, Carson Wentz established himself as an elite NFL QB. ‘Nuff said.


Adding former Pro Bowler Jay Ajayi to an already-good group of backs only justifies this grade. LeGarrette Blount has been, for the most part, a solid addition and more than proved his value, while Corey Clement has been a pleasant surprise.


Zach Ertz is making his first Pro Bowl appearance, and rightly so.


This grade is more reflective of Torrey Smith (whose been a disappointment) than it is of Alshon Jeffery, who was rewarded with a new contract thanks to a very productive season.  Look for comment on #13 later.


For the most part, this unit has been among the best across the board in the NFL. Some hiccups over the past month, which if you want to chalk up to the three-game road trip, I’ll go along with you to an extent – but overall, the defense has been stalwart all season.


My grade is slightly less than MQs, and I base that on the inconsistency of players like Tim Jernigan and to a lesser extent, Fletcher Cox. Yes, I realize many will consider it sacrilege to say anything negative about Cox, but the fact is, there are still too many times when he seems to disappear during games. And yes, I realize he gets double teamed a lot. But not on every play, so spare me.


I can understand why MQ went the incomplete route due to the injuries, notably to Jordan Hicks ,but I decided to go with the C to reflect the middle of the road this group is at right now. The injuries have exposed the lack of depth at this position, and given Hicks’ injury history, you have to wonder if LB will be a priority in the off season.


Again, MQ and I are very close in our grades. My C is due to the same issue that plagued the DL: inconsistency. For a large part of the season, the secondary was among the best in the league in both coverage and tackling. But over the past month or so, some cracks have appeared, and they are worth noting and disconcerting at the same time.


MQ’s A is based off Jake Elliott’s 62-yard FG to beat the Giants and I get it. But I can’t base an overall grade on one play. The loss of Chris Maragos cannot be overstated. And P Donnie Jones has been, wait for it… inconsistent this year.


Yes, I am giving Doug Reid – yes, I am still referring to him this way, because he still refuses to run the ball as much as he should and when he should. I know I will be ripped for giving a coach who won the NFC East and clinched home field in the NFC a grade of a B, but sorry kids. I have to call it as I see it just as you do.


I didn’t even ask MQ for his grade on this person, although he surely would have had the same grade. Time and again, we’ve seen the head coach throw the flag when he shouldn’t, and conversely not throw it when he should. Whoever this person is advising him, start looking for a new gig.


Does anyone feel good about Nick Foles going into the playoffs? If you do, you are either massively delusional, or related to him. Or both. Clearly, the Eagles will need to rely heavily on their defense and running game if they hope to be successful in the playoffs—for if they need to rely on Foles to win a game, well… let’s just say you can start making your off-season plans. 

See you in two weeks. 

'Til next time.

Time's yours.

Food's mine

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