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Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! The Morning After


Good morning campers,TMA 


Of course, this is a VERY good morning.


One of the best mornings we've had in these parts since, oh I don't know 2004?


To say last night's game had an air of surrealism to it would be a gross understatement. This is the farthest TMA has gone in P2P's history, and we're not finished—we've got one more game we will recap in two weeks....and you all know what that will be. 


And away we go... in no order whatsoever.


 *Let's get the ONLY bad part of last night out of the way right here and now. Terry Bradshaw's feeble attempt to sing the Eagles fight song on the podium with Jeffrey Lurie. TB, for some inexplicable reason, tried to interview Lurie before the song was over as the packed house sang along.


 Bad idea Ter.

erry Bradshaw's feeble attempt to sing the Eagles fight song on the podium with Jeffrey Lurie.

*Oh wait, there was one other 'bad' part - when the Vikings actually had the lead taking the opening drive right down the field to go up 7-0. Not exactly the start we were collectively looking for. Yes, there were a few other not-so-great plays (i.e. Torrey Smith's drop. Boy, did he make up for that?) Trey Burton's odd timing to play jump rope, and an interference of a fair catch. But hey, that's nitpicking.

*How disappointed do you think the conspiracy theorists were with the outcome? Surely you heard by now of the NFL oops wherein they posted an ad for the Super Bowl prior to yesterday's game that featured a Patriots/Vikings matchup. Could you imagine the outcry if the Vikings had actually won?

*Do you think the Patriots are the least bit concerned about facing the Eagles? On one hand, they're the Patriots, but on the other hand, this was no last minute 16-13 W by the Birds. This was not some 'game was still close entering the 4th Quarter,' either. This was an epic beatdown of the #1 ranked defense in the entire NFL. Dare I say the 'D' word is on the Eagles' side?

Photo: minimalistbaker.com

*Was it me, or did Fox play a boatload of commercials in the first half? Holy Moses, did they oversell their ad time that they had to get all the spots in that brands paid for?

*How one-sided (and quite frankly, boring-at-times game) was this NFC Championship? At one point, MQ and I switched over to QVC to learn all about beet chips - yes, beet chips. Think potato chips only made from beets. Go ahead and Google them, you know you want some. The best line came from the host who proudly proclaimed "They're so good, your kids won't know the difference." Yeah, like that would ever happen in my house growing up? 'Hey Mom, you can stop buying the Herr's chips, we want more beet chips!'

*I forget the actual stat, but did you hear the one about teams that win a playoff game on a last second TD and what happens to the them the following week? Yeah, they get blown out. They don't just lose. They LOSE. Add the Vikings to that dubious list.

*Did anyone else feel sorry for the Vikings DB who tried to tackle LaGarette Blount on his way to the end zone? They met around the 3-yard line, and the poor bastard first bounced off Blount like a rubber ball, then held on for dear life as LaGarrette drug him across the goal line.

*Is this the official end of 'Doug Reid?' No. I cannot go there, yet. But it's close. Oh so close.

*But speaking of Dougie Fresh, I do have tip my hat to him. He won't win coach of the year, but he clearly should. One major injury after another, yet here he is leading his team into the Super Bowl. Not much more you can ask of the guy. Oh wait, yes you can.....

*Where exactly did the highly-vaunted Vikings Defense go? Looks like local enforcement was on the case, as witnessed by this tweet from the Sioux Falls Police Department:

*And one the first case of sour grapes goes to some nitwit named Geoff Schwartz. Vikings D plays faster on turf, huh? Faster. You mean like they did last week vs. the Saints, when they blew huge lead and almost the game? The Vikings lost. Deal with it.

*Well kids, it's come full circle. Nearly 15 years ago, the Patriots stole, er, beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. It's going to be a helluva two weeks. Not sure how many more Brady/Belichick story angles there are to tell, but you know the media will find something. Lots of good subplots, too, with the aforementioned 2004 Spygate Bowl, as well as former Pats Blount and Chris Long playing their former team for the Lombardi Trophy.

 *This Eagles team is a team of destiny. I surely did not buy in before, but I am in 100% now.


The Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl.




'Til next time.

Time's yours.

Food's mine

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