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Eagles stunned by Titans in OT: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

The good news is the Eagles have the same record as the Patriots.

The bad news is the Eagles have the same record as the Cowboys.


Gonna go a different path this week's TMA. Every point made will utilize the "Can someone please tell...?" approach. You'll see what I mean.

Let's get to getting...

Can someone please tell the entire Eagles team that last year was just that, last year? Yes, they won the Super Bowl and there was dancing in the streets. But that was then, and this is now, and the now is not looking all that super right now.

Can someone please tell Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz that essentially calling the exact same defense on essentially every single freaking play is probably not a great idea? Lord almighty, I know you don't like to blitz, Jim, but it's not illegal to switch things up every now and then.

Can someone please tell the Eagles defensive line that despite all the rule changes about keeping opposing quarterbacks, it is still legal to actually touch, let alone hit, those same opposing QBs? I know, it's hard to tell these days what is and what is not legal, but how 'bout next week you actually hit that opposing QB now and then?

Can someone please tell the Eagles offensive line to wake the F$#K up?! Jesus, Mary AND Joseph, what in the hell was that yesterday? Lane Johnson alone looks like he's still on parade down Broad Street. Can someone also tell this group that their QB is recovering from a serious injury, so that little thing we like to call blocking is kinda important?

Can someone please tell the Eagles safety Corey Graham that when it's 4th and 15, you may want to pay extra close attention to that opposing receiver who just ran past you? What in the name of God was he thinking exactly? The Titans receiver all but high-fived him as he passed him before catching a pass that enabled the Titans to oh, I don't know... go on and win the whole freaking game!

Can someone please tell the Eagles tackling coach to start looking for a new job? Oh wait, they don't have a tackling coach. Ok, then can someone tell Howie Roseman to run an ad on Careerbuilder for a tackling coach? Wanted: Someone, anyone, who can demonstrate the lost art of tackling to professional football players.

Can someone please tell Wendell Smallwood what his blocking assignments are on blitzes? Yes, I know Wendell had a really good game running the ball, and the kid is showing a toughness not seen before—but on consecutive plays near the end of the first half, he failed to pick up his assignment, allowing a defender to zero in on Carson Wentz—that QB I referenced earlier. You know, the one who's coming back from a serious injury.

Can someone please tell Nelson Agholor that it's not 2016, so it's ok if he um, you know actually caught passes throw his way? Wow was that deja vu all over again with his drops plus all the others mixed in for good measure? Clearly the dropsies are contagious.

Can someone please tell McDonald's that there's no need for that "first" speaker in the drive-thru lane? I was picking up dinner for my son yesterday, and I arrived at the first speaker when I heard "please pull to the next speaker if no one is there." Um, problem. There was, in fact, someone there! So I said that, but to no avail. I ultimately had to wait for the next speaker to become free to order. So why is there this "first" speaker? Does anyone know?

BTW in case anyone forgot, they F$%K you at the drive thru, right Mr. Pesci? (NSFW)



Can someone please tell Jalen Mills...oh hell, I don't even know what to tell him at this point. Do you? What could you or ANYONE say to him that could possibly change the way he's playing? Maybe someone should tell Jim Schwartz that it's time to see what Sidney Jones can do and start him ahead of Mr. Mills. Could he do any worse?

Can someone please tell Zach Ertz to keep it up? Once again he's on track for another Pro Bowl season. The guy's been a bright spot among the Eagles skill players for sure.

Can someone please tell Fletcher Cox that if he truly wants to be defensive player of the year that he needs to, um, make some plays? Yes, yes I know he's double teamed on nearly every play, so the fault really falls on the rest of the defensive line but, for what you are being paid and how you want to be viewed amongst your peers, you need to take over games all by yourself. That's what defensive players of the year do.


'Til next time...




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