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Eagles triumph over Jags in London: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Yes, I know, a win is a win is a win. I get that, as I know all of you do. And surely, 4-4 is miles away from 3-5, but...


Well, let's just to getting with random observations from yesterday:


*Do you have any idea how hard it is commit a penalty...on a touchback? Well, you can ask Eagles special teamer DJ Alexander, for he committed this seemingly implausible penalty yesterday, getting flagged for Unnecessary Roughness on a kickoff which was NOT returned by the Eagles. What's even more shocking is this guy is a former Pro Bowler, having made the squad following the 2016 season as a member of the Chiefs.


*In case you've been asleep 'til now, Alshon Jeffery is good...VERY good. I cannot imagine what this team would like without him. I shudder the thought.

*Josh Adams needs more reps. No, he should not be the #1 back as some nitwit suggested on the radio following the game. But clearly, the kid needs to get the ball more, as he looks to be the kind of runner who gets better the more he carries the rock.

*Carson Wentz is still not Carson Wentz. Now before you call for my head, let me explain. Last year he was consistently consistent, if you will. Rarely did he make a bad decision, only to be followed by another one. This year is different. Perhaps I am being picky, perhaps. But we still have not seen him play a game from start to finish as we did last year. Just sayin...

*The Jags second field goal came courtesy of one James Schwartz. Facing 3rd & 21 from the Eagles 46, the Jags were clearly and obviously (at least to me) that they were going to settle for a FG attempt, and in order to do that, they needed to get closer for their kicker. Before the snap, I said aloud "watch the screen pass." Now Lord knows I'm a dolt, and if I can see what's coming, how could the defending Super Bowl champion defensive coordinator not? The ensuing screen pass netted 15 yards and put the Jags in FG range. In James' defense, he did call more than one blitz package and disguised them as well, so at least he did that—unlike previous games.

*When I heard about the Jags' players walking out on a huge bar bill, supposedly that is, I immediately was reminded of this scene from The Blues Brothers. In case you forgot or never saw the movie and if you've never seen it, you can stop reading now and get a life, just sayin.


*How great was it hear Rich Eisen refer to the field as "the pitch?" I mean, is this guy cool or what? Yes, this is sarcasm on steroids.


*MQ wondered aloud during the game: Why is the Jaguars’ tongue green on their helmets? It's a great point, for the feline looks to be under the weather if you think about it.

Image result for jaguars logo 


*Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the NFL and its officials have gotten slightly out of hand with the guarding of the QBs? The blow to the head 15-yard call on Eagles' LB Nigel Bradham in the second half was merely the latest example of calls gone wrong. Bradham hit Jags' QB Blake Bortles, alright... on the shoulder. How about we start reviewing these kinds of calls?


 *File this one under: You may have missed this, but it was a crucial play in the game.” On the touchdown throw from Carson Wentz to Dallas Goedert right before the end of the first half, there was a key block thrown on the play. However, it didn’t come from an Eagles offensive lineman. Instead, it came from third string tight end Josh Perkins. And not only that, the man Perkins blocked, which allowed Wentz to maneuver in the pocket, was All-Pro defensive lineman, former defensive player of the year, Calais Campbell. Watch the tape. Great block by someone you may not have even known was on the team.


 *Was nice to see Chris Long show up in the box score finally, huh? Great guy for sure, but heretofore has been incommunicado this season for the most part. The Eagles desperately need Long to get back to his form of last season, especially with so many injuries along the defensive line.


 *Have to give it to Doug Pederson. While not in love with all of his play calling, he did stick with the run in the second half, and that play call that sprung Wendell Smallwood for a touchdown was a thing of beauty.


 *Last thing: The Eagles next opponent is the Cowboys, who hung a 40-spot on this same Jaguars team earlier this year. Just sayin...


 Enjoy the bye. See you in two weeks.


 'Til next time...






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