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Eagles outplayed, outcoached by Cowboys: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

First and foremost, I want to thank every veteran for their service to our country. I had the honor of watching the first half of the game with a veteran, my very good friend Tom Sylvester. God bless everyone who puts their life on the line for their country.


Ok, onto the game and let's get to getting...

First Half Lowlights

*There were no first half highlights to speak of, save for maybe Jake Elliott's long FG, but that would be it. That was one of the Eagles most embarrassing performances this year and that's saying a lot, considering how many embarrassing performances we've seen by the defending Super Bowl champions.

*Eagles DC Jim Schwartz was exposed, again, as a very overrated coach and play caller. The vaunted Cowboys offense (heavy sarcasm) was allowed to go down the field on more than one occasion, most notably at the end of the First Half, culminating in a Cowboys TD. As you can see on Twitter, the reactions to the game Schwartz coached were not kind.

*Why would Doug Pederson elect to go for it on 4th & 1 while clearly in FG range and down only 3? Well, we know why, but that was a classic example of being TOO aggressive. Take the points, Doug. Moreover, some of DP's play calling was suspect to say the least. And if you think the reaction to Schwartz’s play-calling was rough on Twitter, get a load of the beating Pederson is taking.

*How about Ronald Darby's textbook tackle on Amari Cooper on 3rd and short? I mean, was that a thing of beauty or what, the way he wrapped up Cooper and the Cowboys ended up punting and... wait, what? Turns out Darby would leave the game with an injury and now he's out for the year, setting the stage for an impromptu tryout camp this morning at the NovaCare Complex. Seriously, I’m just kidding. Please don’t go there looking for a sign that says “Secondary Help Wanted.” You won't find it.

*And hey, how about Kamu Grugier-Hill's pick 6? Was that something or what, the way he read Dak Prescott's eyes and stepped right in front of the pass and waltzed into the end zone? Wait, what?

*I was mistaken, Michael Bennett's play was a First Half highlight. My mistake, Michael. You were one of the few Eagles who came to play.

Second Half High And Lowlights

*Bennett picked up where he left off in the First Half; overall he had a very strong game

*What exactly was going on with the camera angle during the one Cowboys' series in the 3Q? Who thought it was a good idea to show each play with the angle from behind the offense? You couldn't tell where the ball was on the field!

*Following Zach Ertz's TD in the 3Q, the Eagles players lined up to salute some of the veterans in the crowd. That was incredible to see and a great gesture. So why then did Cris Collinsworth feel the need to downplay it by saying "The Eagles pose for another picture?" Oh wait, that's right, because it's Cris Collins-we-know-what-he's-worth, and his disdain for the Eagles carried over from last year's Super Bowl. It must really hurt seeing a team win a Super Bowl, you know, considering he was part of two losing Super Bowl teams (sorry Bengals fans).  

*Would have been nice if the Eagles D put up some sort of resistance on the ensuing Cowboys' series, but alas, they folded like a house of cards.

*Why did Golden Tate not play much last night? It wasn't like they didn't have time to get him up to speed on the playbook, as they were on a bye, so why so little use of the new toy?


*Did you see Brandon Brooks AND Jason Kelce miss a block on the same player, allowing him to make the tackle on the key play of the game, a 3rd and 2 late in the game? Once again, what exactly was that play call by Doug Pederson? Just incredible, especially when you remember these are the defending Super Bowl champions.


A Final Thought:

Just watching the very last play of that game transpire is a microcosm for this entire season so far. It’s an absolute disgrace that the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys AT home ON national TV with the season essentially on the line. Obviously, there are still 6 games left to play, but this was so incredibly disappointing to watch unfold on such a big stage.


The Birds have now lost three straight games at home and now head to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and his band of merry touchdown scorers. Just how awesome are the Saints? They outscored the Bengals 28-0 yesterday...and that was just in the Second Quarter!!! The end result was a 51-14 blowout. Just throwing that out there.



'Til next time...






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