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Eagles completely embarrassed by Saints: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Before I get to getting, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. You have my permission to gorge yourself on Thursday until you are in a tryptophan-induced coma.


Ok, now let's get to getting...

*Was anyone out there truly surprised by yesterday's outcome? Ok, maybe you had the Eagles scoring more points, but surely, the Saints offensive output could not have surprised you—and if it did, you were kidding yourself coming into the game.

*By the grace of God (AKA: the pathetic state of the NFC East), the Eagles are incredibly still very much alive for the division title. Seeing just how poorly the Eagles have played and acknowledging the fact that the season is hardly over is truly remarkable.

*Having said that, why is Carson Wentz still in the game? I write that in present tense, as I am now writing TMA even though the game has not ended—and I NEVER do that. But when it's 45-7 with 6 minutes left, I felt pretty safe to start scribing. So, given the fact that the Eagles are somehow still alive to make the playoffs, why then is Carson Wentz, Alshon Jeffery, et. all still in the game?

*While I will not invoke the "Doug Reid" monicker, you bet your sweet bippy I will call Doug Pederson on the carpet for just how incredibly ill-prepared this team was yesterday and the week before against the Cowboys.

*It is painfully obvious the Eagles need to bring in a real offensive coordinator to work with Pederson. Mike Groh, Al Groh, Big Toe - whatever the hell his name is has to go. Pederson needs a strong, experienced offensive mind to lean on in terms of game prep and in game adjustments and so on.

*The E word is always a dangerous word to invoke when it comes to professional sports. When players/athletes are accused of giving less than 100% effort, it is a very slippery slope for the head coach. For if effort is lacking, so too then is that coach's ability to motivate, lead, inspire, etc. that team. In other words, when effort goes away, so too should the coach.

*I am not ready to say Doug Pederson has lost the team/locker room but... at the VERY least it's time to take a real, hard look at Pederson; his ability to lead a team; to get his team prepared and on and on... in other words, it's time to wonder aloud if last year was a fluke. Or has the loss of people like Frank Reich had that much of an effect? Or all of the above?

*Another indictment, if you will, on Pederson is the continual lazy, mental lapses we're seeing week in, week out. For example, the Eagles were offside on the opening kickoff of the second half. Really? Later in the 3Q, not much later mind you, there was a look of complete confusion on the looks of the offensive players that led to a timeout being called. Obviously, that early timeout had no bearing on the overall game but still...

*It's also time to take a good, hard look at Carson Wentz. I realize this may be viewed as sacrilege and by no means am I implying the Eagles would be better off with Nick Foles under center. I'm not. But for all the talk of how much better Wentz is playing this year from a statistical perspective, some of his in-game decisions (and for that matter, his throws) have left me, at least, scratching my head.

*Now before you come at me with "you're an idiot Steve, the offensive line stinks" retort, you're right, of course. The offensive line does stink and Wentz very often has very little time to stand in the pocket. I will grant you that, but you watch the games as I do, presumably so unless you have green-colored glasses on, you're seeing some of the same things I am.

*Can someone ask Doug Pederson if the pressure is now REALLY off?

*Can someone ask Peter King if it’s ok to NOW boo the Eagles? In case you missed, it the former Sports Illustrated writer blasted Eagles fans for booing the Birds following last week's game. Maybe now that the Eagles suffered the worst loss EVER by a defending Super Bowl champion, ol' Pete would say it was ok to boo? Of course, none of us gives a damn what Peter King thinks.

*Just watched the Eagles faces and body language as they exited the field, and not a one looked all that upset. Now I understand neither I nor you knows what's inside a given player's mind, but Lord almighty, they collectively looked like they have phoned in the rest of the season and that is incorrigible to even consider, given that this is the defending Super Bowl champs.

*They say pride is a deadly sin. Well, in this case the complete and utter lack of pride is significantly and egregiously worse. As proud as I was last year in being an Eagles fan, I am equally embarrassed this year. And that my friends says it ALL.


'Til next time...






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