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Eagles lose gut wrencher to Cowboys, Refs: The Morning After


Good morning campers,


Right off the bat, know I did not see the entire first half and the first part of the 3Q. From what I could tell, I didn't miss much in the first half. My brother Michael, in describing Carson Wentz's play in the first half, referred to him as "Carson Sanchez."


Wow that put it in perfect perspective. Lord anytime invokes butt fumble Mark you know it's bad.


Let's get to getting...


*Before I get to what I DID see, I watched the replay of the kickoff fumble that wasn't. Holy Moses. Clearly, this was a precursor of just how bad this officiating crew would be.

*Despite surrendering a whole ton of yards, I thought the Eagles Defense played its collective hearts out. Their deficiencies are clearly glaring (i.e. the secondary), but from what I saw, they played hard.

*Having said that, Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz HAS to go. Enough is enough with this guy. How he does provide over the top safety help to some guy named Bausby as he tries to cover Amari Cooper is anyone's guess. Yes, I know the Eagles safeties are not exactly pro bowlers, but that's not the point. The point is, if a dolt like me can see what needs to happen, how does the guy whose job it is to see it, not (see it)?

*Remember when we were all giddy with the "steal" we had in Sidney Jones a few years ago? Um yeah, something happened on the way to Canton there, Sid. Yeah, yeah he was hurt... blah, blah, blah. He wasn't hurt the WHOLE time, so spare me.

*Dallas Goedert. Lots to talk about with this kid. First and foremost, the flag thrown on him for offensive pass interference which is arguably one of the worst calls I have EVER seen. Yes, the Birds eventually scored to tie the game, but Lord almighty, that official needs to be reprimanded severely for making that egregious of a call in that important part of the game.

*The other point I want to make about Goedert is where has he been all year? This is not a knock on him, of course, but a knock on Doug Pederson. Why did it take until game 13 to get this guy going and a bigger part of the offense? Or maybe the finger should be pointed at Wentz, who clearly focuses on two players significantly more than all others combined.

*And speaking of Carson, I'm at a loss. Once again, inconsistency was front and center. He has been exceptionally tentative on some throws, downright bad on others but spectacular on other throws. Can we chalk this all up to the injury and how it takes one year to fully recover? I for one sure hope so.

*Oh Jake... oh Jake. You had ONE JOB and you blew it. No, I don't blame you entirely for the loss but c'mon man, a missed extra point? In this game of all games? Oh Jaker. One job son, one job...

*Gotta give major props to Darren Sproles. Pound-for-pound that guy is among the toughest players in the league and he showed it again yesterday.

*Incredibly the Eagles are still alive, mathematically for the playoffs. This is without a doubt a reflection on the pathetic state of the NFC this year.


Till next time...

Steve Olenski
Former Forbes Contributor/CMO Whisperer/Writer/Coffee Drinker
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