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Eagles shock Rams: The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Before we get to getting, I have to give a major shoutout to the man behind Philly2Philly, Joe Vallee. Over the weekend, Joe got engaged, and while I question the sense and sensibility of Joe's fiancé, I wish him nothing but the best.

I kid of course. I love Joe like a brother, and I am so incredibly happy for him and wish him m


any, many years of wedded bliss.

Let's get to getting...

*I did not see any of the 1Q, but judging by the score I did not miss much

*Very impressed by Eagles CB Avonte Maddox's interception in the 2Q. It was an incredibly athletic move, but unfortunately, the ensuing Eagles possession went nowhere. However, it was nice to see an Eagles CB make a play, any play...  

*Fletcher Cox surely played like he had something to prove to the national audience. As I said to my son Josh, he had a chip on his shoulder after hearing so much about the Rams’ Aaron Donald, who is having a Defensive Player of the Year type season. Cox has been one of the more consistent players for the Eagles this entire year.

*Let's take a look around league with some random thoughts/observations:

*Are we seeing some cracks in the Patriots foundation? Two straight losses in December, and I can't imagine that's happened a lot in the Belichick/Brady era. Luckily for them, they play in the weakest division, year in year out, in any of the four major sports.

*Are the Colts for real or are the Cowboys a fraud? I think it's more the former than the latter, as I think the Boys were flat coming off a very emotional game vs. the Eagles. Not to take anything away from the Colts, though for they are playing good football.

*Congrats to the Bears, who won the NFC North for the first time in nearly 10 years. As for the team they beat yesterday, the Packers, a whole lot of questions await them in the off season, starting with their head coach—and please spare me Aaron Rodgers' contention that he won't have any hand in selecting the next coach.

Back to the game...

*The Eagles defense, as I sit here and watch the 3Q, looks very inspired, and look at this...I just witnessed a two-play drive ending in an Eagles TD that looked a whole lot like last year. One big play followed by the Eagles OL opening a huge hole for the running back. I can hear the dopes now: Trade Wentz and start Foles! Just stop, please. Let me state this categorically: Carson Wentz is a franchise QB and the Eagles need to and will sign him to a long-term deal. He is the future. As for Foles, remember kids, there is a reason he is a career backup. Not disparaging him at all, of course, for he brought the Eagles to the promised land last year, and because of that, he will be a deity in this city for eternity.

*The Rams' fake punt was a gutsy call to say the least. Quite honestly, I'm more shocked the officials got the call right more than the Rams actually going with the play.

*Zach Ertz just made his 100th catch of the year. Incredible. He has truly become not just one of the best tight ends in the league, but one of the best receivers. He, along with Dallas Goedert, are going to cause some serious headaches for opposing defenses for years to come.

*Oh yeah, how remarkable is that the Eagles play with such heightened enthusiasm, energy and fire once they were back in the underdog role again?

*Speaking of remarkable, did you notice how completely different the game turned on Foles' interception? The Eagles were ahead 30-13 and about to get more. Following the pick, the entire complexion of the game changed.


*Ok, final gun just went off and good Lord, can this team doing anything the easy way?! Somehow, some way this team is still alive for not only a playoff berth, but the division is still in play. I am out of words to describe this game.


Till next time...

Steve Olenski
Former Forbes Contributor/CMO Whisperer/Writer/Coffee Drinker
| "If you're a CMO or marketing leader you owe it to yourself to follow Steve and read/listen to what he has to say. Plus he's just a super-nice, funny, and down-to-earth guy." Julie Lyle, former CMO of Walmart




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