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Eagles win the Super Bowl! The Morning After


Good morning campers,


The time is 1:36 am as I sit down to write this, the final TMA of the season. MQ & I, after watching the game at his place, made the rounds in and around Northeast Philly—including Modell's, where we loaded up on Eagles Super Bowl paraphernalia, which of course, one can only get AFTER winning a Super Bowl.


TMATime to get to to getting...

*I used the word surreal following the Birds' improbable shellacking of the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game a few weeks ago. But clearly that word has taken on a whole new meaning.

Kids, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions.

*I had to type those words in a text for a few folks tonite, just so I could read the words in print, if you will. For those not from around these parts or under the age of 25, this kind of thing just doesn't happen. Not to us. Not to Eagles fans. There is ALWAYS next year. Well, there will be a next year, of course, only this time, YOUR Philadelphia Eagles will be defending Super Bowl Champs.

Lord does that have a nice ring to it?

*The accolades are many, of course, but they have to start with Doug Pederson and Nick Foles. First, Pederson, who I derisively referred to as Doug Reid all season long, much to the chagrin of many. Well, I am officially putting an end to that monicker. The man won a Super Bowl in his second year. Sure, there were play calls I did not like yesterday, but the man won a Super Bowl in his second year. Nuff said.

Photo: americancenturychampionship.com

*How he was able to keep this team not only afloat, but prosperous, was nothing short of miraculous. Admit it, when Carson Wentz went down, so too did the Eagles season. You thought that way. Admit it. But somehow, some way, Pederson kept the team going. Yes, he surely had help from his staff and veterans such as LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long, but Pederson is the captain of this ship, and he steered them in the right direction the entire season.

*As many of you know, I was a late arrival to the bandwagon this year, but I got on just in time— guaranteeing a Super Bowl win following the NFC Title Game. There was an undeniable vibe, aura or sense that permeated this entire team all year long. What can I say? Some of you saw it and felt it and picked up on it long before I did.

*For the longest time last night, I had the Eagles’ defense and their coordinator, Jim Schwartz as being the reason the Eagles would lose the Super Bowl. Yes, that was Tom Brady on the other side of the line, but for nearly 58 minutes, the Eagles’ D could not get one stop when they needed it. The Patriots never punted the ball once last night. But as the adage goes, 'all it takes is one time,' and the Eagles’ D and Jim Schwartz and Brandon Graham made that one time THE time last night. Tremendous move by Schwartz to move Graham inside. His strip of the ball from Brady's hands will live in Eagles lore, as will another play. More on that in a second. Eagles win the Super Bowl!

*But did anyone catch the look on Brady's face following the fumble? As MQ pointed out, he looked as if he were saying 'Hey Eagles, you're not following the script. This is the part where I march down the field, break your heart and win my record-breaking 6th Super Bowl.' Apparently, the Eagles missed that part of the script.

*Speaking of Mr. Brady, at the time of this writing, I can't find many stories confirming if #12 did or did not snub Foles following the game for the usual handshake between opposing QBs. I did find one story, albeit from a publication in the UK. Look, I don't know if Brady did snub Foles or not, but if he did, then shame on him. I would be surprised if he, in fact, did snub him, because that doesn't sound like the actions of the GOAT, which he still is despite his coming thisclose to ring #6.

*Of course, the other play that will live in Eagles lore (if not NFL lore) is their 4th and Goal play which saw Foles (of all people) catch a TD pass. The play call was in some ways a microcosm of the entire season. You never saw it coming, yet it was incredibly successful.

It's getting REALLY late or early depending on how you look at it, so it's time to go rapid fire...

*Did anyone notice Pink spitting her gum out right before singing the National Anthem? And no Eagles attire? What, was it not allowed?

*Nelson Agholor has turned himself into a bonafide NFL receiver.

*The Patriots had one penalty called against them the entire game. O*N*E. Oh sure, there was an offsides call, but it was declined rightly by the Eagles, because the penalty yardage would have not affected the result. In other words, it was a flag thrown with no ramifications for the Patriots, whatsoever. One penalty despite numerous infractions. But why worry now, right?

*As a whole, I thought the commercials were horrible this year. Simply horrible. A few good ones sprinkled in, but the majority were just bad.

*And speaking of brands, did anyone see this Tweet from Duracell following the game?

Apparently, the brilliant folks at Duracell, or at least the dope managing the social media accounts, thought it would be oh-so-clever to make fun of Philly sports fans while newsjacking the fact that they won the Super Bowl AND newsjacking the slogan Fly Eagles Fly. Stay classy, Duracell. Stay classy. In the meantime, I will NEVER buy another Duracell product again, and I ask you don't, either. What a disgrace.

*Can someone explain to me how Pederson received ONE VOTE for NFL Coach of the Year while two men who his Eagles beat - Sean McVay of the Rams and Mike Zimmer of the Vikings finished first and second, respectively? If it's any consolation, Bill Belichick only received one vote, too. Of course, something tells me Doug is not losing any sleep over losing that award, as he drifts off to sleep holding the Lombardi Trophy. It is a joke, however, to think that only one voter saw him as Coach of the Year.

*Did anyone notice a Patriots player needing to remind referee Gene Steratore that someone on the Eagles had to make a call on the coin flip BEFORE the coin was actually flipped? Think Gene-O got caught up in the moment.

*If there is another human being as annoying as Cris Collinsworth, I do not want to meet him, because CC is as annoying as they come. His Brady/Belichick love was nauseating to say the least. Maybe he can grab Skip Bayless or Will Cain - two other dopes who picked the Pats, and start a Fan Club.

*Finally... what this Super Bowl means to me. It's almost too hard to put into words, which is saying a lot coming from me. I think back to ALL those games with MQ; all those Sundays driving home from his house following yet another gut-wrenching defeat. I think back all the The Morning Afters I've penned; some good but many not-so-good. Hell, during my time at Philly2Philly. We only recapped three Eagles playoff games prior to this season. We’ve done three playoff games this year alone!

*I happen to think we're onto something here, kids. I really do. I do not see this as a one-and-done team. Not by a long shot. I'm not going to say the Eagles will repeat as Super Bowl Champions - man I still can't get over I get to use those words - but I will tell you this team is built for sustained excellence.

I've enjoyed every second of this wonderful ride, and I look forward to getting back on the horse again next season if you'll have me.

For the final time this year, or until September....

Time’s yours.

No, scrap that. I’m changing this.



See you at the parade!

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